Saturday, December 26, 2009

Except You.

Incense sticks fill the air
Your presence to feel is rare
I get goosebumps in my hair
Your glory is demon-slayer

Overwhelmed in your company
Graceful in thy presence
Blessed by you I become a saint
Without You I'm maimed

Who should I seek?
Except You.
Where should I go?
Except inside.
Who should I know?
Except me.
Who will bring peace?
Except You.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

In You I Find Peace

Sit I here in silence
Sit I here to wait
For God's end of hate
God you are my fate

Rid me of my ignorance
Fill me with sense
Bring Me eternal peace
Touch me like soft breeze

I call you in distress
Forge you in pleasure
Make my mind thy home
Make my thoughts your abode

It is in you only I find Peace

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guest Post... 'The Doll' By Nikita Gupta

You are my doll,
Her grandfather said
As he kissed her cheek
And stroked her head.
She was his joy,
His object of affection.
He pampered her silly,
And loved her like none.
And as night came,
So did he,
Into her room
Where she lay asleep.
He touched her sweet, glowing face,
He held her body close to his
And then peeled off layers of clothing,
Standing in the way of carnal bliss.
Her naked flesh ignited desire,
He feasted his eyes on the heavenly sight.
Gently kissed her head to toe,
And then loved her through the night.
At eight, she was his favourite game-
A compliant companion to play with in bed.
Well, it's true, she was his doll,
Just like her loving grandfather said.

The poem is written by fellow blogger and psychologist-in-the-making Nikita Gupta. This is the poem written by her 6 years ago. Find this poem here on her blog. Check out her blog here.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Guest Post... 'Longing' by Priya

Now, I no more hear or see the prints,
Its an empty bowl with not trace;
Then, it was trees filled with fruits,
Riped to taste the flavor all over the lips.

Now, the music is sad with unknown,
Left in lurch searching to drink;
Then, the room was filled aloud,
tapping the floors mystical rhyme;
Now, she sits alone close to the window,
As her hair lifts by the wind;
Then, she draped all beautiful and glitter,
To touch the rosy petals waiting to dip;

Now and then,

Time flies at day and night;
She never asks why,
And only the unknown knows.

The above poem is by very talented poet Priya. Her popular journal of poems is here. Priya's other blog is here. Both the blogs are highly recommended.

p.s painting by Raja Ravi Varma.