Saturday, March 13, 2010

I say Night Is Peace

I say Night Is Peace

I step out of my balcony
And suddenly a world welcomes me
Everything is so silent
The world seems to be at peace
The night appears empty and still
Like a wheel which has stopped

I stood in my balcony, motionless
Some random dogs barking-somewhere
Some airplanes flying overhead
Like moving toys with flashy lights
In the star studded sky with silent moon
Streets- empty without being haunting

Wind Comes and all the leaves dance
I want to join this orchestra of leaves
And dance on this sound of the leaves
But then the wind passes
Trees fall silent; calm and composed
Its a different world out there

If only you have empty mind to see.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Is This I ?

In a mind run riot
By endless dreams and desires
Peace is an eluding butterfly
But when it descends
I have a glimpse
Of God Of Enlightenment Of Maya

The nectar of silence
Tastes like final freedom
When thoughts naturally die
And desires lose their charm
I'm here with all my awareness
Learning how This Moment feels

My body has a rhythm, a soul
My breaths have a sound
My heartbeats have a pulse
My skin has so many sensations
My eyes are so relaxed
My head feels huge, sans thoughts

Thoughts Dreams Desire Future Past
Delusion Illusion Pleasure Pain
So powerless to enter my cave
I, Me, Myself, You, Them, Her
Who is this I?
I find myself lifted in the sky.