Monday, October 26, 2009

5 Blogs To Visit Before You Die!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Last month I gave you the incredible '5 Websites To Visit Before You Die!' Now here I am to present you with some of the most creative path-breaking mind blowing blogs. These blogs you may or may not have visited deserve your time and it's my promise that after visiting these you'll feel refreshed like a fresh air of spring! These blogs will win your love like they have done of countless other people!

This super-talented lady here from Australia is bound to overwhelm you. No amount of appreciation can really match the art she produces. A poet, philosopher, painter, photographer each of her posts is a tantamount to pinnacle of creativity both in form of colours and words. Her blog is an overflowing pot of love and peace. Buddhism is the guiding star and the underlining philosophy of all her creativity. In her own words she is: " Lover, Writer, Poet, Artist, Thinker, Photographer, Friend to all"

No matter how many adjectives I use it will always fall way short of all that I want to express about this blog. The blog design in itself is a masterpiece like a eternal painting on a canvas. Her paintings and musings is bound to enthrall and transport you to an altogether different dimension of existence. A riot of colours and tradition, of indian culture and religion. All mix and in synergy produce something so spectacular and you only wish you had such talent. All the ingredients of culture tradition religion talent creativity come together like different colour of rainbow to give you a out-of-this-world experience.

Everyone path breaking concept comes by breaking the status quo of the existing state of things. My blog isn't one of those I confess but this one is. It's said that imitation is the best form of flattery. My blog has a predecessor this is it. When I came across this blog years ago I decided this is the way my blog should be. I always try to match up the standard of poetry Priya has set in her blog. Enigmatic Priya is an artist with words. She paints the feelings and emotions with her beautifully woven words. This one is my inspiration. Visit and read for the feel-good factor!

Now this one is among the top blogs on earth and yes it deserves it to be. Everything about it is so Buddhist and simple. From the minimalist design to career and life changing posts this blog is your guide to life. This is a layman's guide to a happy and whole living. This blog has the power to transform you into a person with a conscious living! This blog was among the 25 top blogs of the TIME magazine.

To tell you the truth i don't like this guy much but yeah his blog is worth a view. To those who don't know Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in his own words is "Billionaire a Billion times over" and has statements such as "I’m Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. I’m The World’s 1062nd Richest Man." actually he is. You can spot him on various business channels giving interviews. One thing good about his blog is: it's hilarious! Check it out if you want to have a good laugh!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Memories In Abyss Of Mind

in the above pic (from left): Nitish, Saumitra, Gautam.

Mind works in strange ways
Happy memories fade away
But the sad ones remain
Like dark clouds without rain

I was sitting with happy mind
Came happy memories from hind
I remembered how some friends
Had fought with me like comrades

Once my honour was at stake
Tears were near & happiness away
My days were full of much miseries
Mammoth enemies planned audacities

Tears brimmed in my eyes
How my friends risked their lives
Also honour and social stature
Everything on the edge for rupture

They held hands & stood by my side
Such fierce loyalty & unwavering love
Humbled I stood with infinite strength
How such memories fall in abyss of mind!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The East India Company Vs. India

I was there playing with butterflies
You came for me with guns and knives
I played with flowers, I played with bees
With a gun you said 'I wont let you be'
I smiled at you and gave you a hug
You pushed me aside & called me stupid fuck
I plucked a flower and lovingly gave it to you
Innocent Oblivion, What were you looking for?
'Power', you yelled 'I need your head to bow.'
Sit on your knees and give me respect
'Better die on foot than live on knees' I said
'Death before Dishonour', I stood with straight head
You said you had everyone on your side
That I'd rot alone with no shoulder to cry
Truth doesn't need yes-sayers it stands alone
'the truth shall set you free?' you laughed sore
With a sick propaganda you spread your lies
A gifted speech to impress the gullible minds
I stood with faith in my heart & I sighed
Deep inside me an inner strength replied.

It was the power of truth power of karma
Invisible yet invincible intangible yet intuitive
Great Power rose through whole body
For any force of the world I was ready
Your face froze, ground slipped beneath feet
Where are your lies? Where's your herd of sheep?
The Truth did set me free
Now, say can I play again with butterflies please?

*it's the feelings of 'India' when the east india company came to rule and enslave it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The One

this post has been removed

Friday, October 09, 2009

If You Are Rich I'm Single!

I was checking this girl for a while
She used to pass and give me smile
I dreamed of making her mine
And one day proposed her in no time
She asked if her expenses i could afford
I smiled faintly and replied 'No'
'Don't waste my time please Go'

I had another girl in my mind
On whom I had laid on my sight
She'll love me she's so sweet & kind
To propose her next would be right
She asked me what car I drive
I said I was planning for a Nano
'Don't waste my time please Go'

Optimist me, I chose to re-attempt
A girl whose generosity knew no ends
She asked if I could gift diamond rings?
I said 'Your imagination has wings'
Can you take me daily to disco?
What happens there I don't even know
'Don't waste my time please Go'

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eight Blood Siblings

Just 13 Billion years ago
Our Milky Way was born
And 4.6 Billion years ago
Hydrogen & Helium condensed
With some solid dust particles
Molecular cloud condensed in itself
And our very own Sun took birth
Eight planets were hence formed
Trapped in orbits by gravity
Eight blood siblings tied by fate

If any of the eight siblings is moved
Our Solar System will falter
Such gravitational forces are at play
When our earth spins, it wobbles
Moon's gravity damps that yet
It moves away 3.8 cm/yr from us
Even the sun will die one day
6 Billion years from today

Our neighboring galaxy Andromeda
And 280 alien Solar Systems
Have been found out by us
May be we have friends on one
Universe' mysteries are ad infinitum.