Friday, September 25, 2009

5 Websites To Visit Before You Die!

Ladies And Gentlemen. Buckle up your seat belts, sit back because these websites are sure to throw you away in an all together new world with full throttle. May be you have visited a few of these ones or maybe not. May be you'll find them an utter waste of your time but they do deserve your attention. Have a look at them and spend time on it, I promise you the experience won't be regretful.

So here they are in no particular order the 5 websites you should visit:

All my adult life, i have been wondering about the Utopian society. Just, fair and equal to all. Which of the present structures are most suited for humanity? Capitalism, Communism, Socialism etc. How to integrate the differences existing in the society and give each human being a right to live his life with honour, dignity and freedom. As they say the problem is not solved on the same level it is created i found it here. This movement answered all my question and now i know the real workings of Corporates, World Bank, Bank and Financial Institutions, Religion, and above all the concept of money.

This will open your eyes to a world which is all around you but one you never saw.

This is creative people's heaven. An artists' goldmine and a treasure of masterpieces. It's that place on the internet where if you log in you'll realize that the world is full of creative and talented souls. The creativity of whom knows no boundaries and whose eyes see but beauty everywhere. I visit this site daily and yes i get lost. I lose the tracks of time. I wish i were transported through some miracle into their beautiful company or gain their expertise.

Okie Dokie this is a cheeky one but not one to be missed. I'm not much into crystal ball grazing but here it is zen tarot cards laid out for you! These tarot card reading are not phony i can assure you that. There are no spam ads nor are they killing you try their paid services. Take this when when you want to clear the haze and know what's going with you, against you and what's in store for you in the near future. I wish it could also predict questions for my engineering exams. Damn!

Here it is your guide to the oldest civilization in the world which has survived with unbroken chain. No fancy graphics no confusing site map. It is as simple as it can be. If you really want to know about Sanatana Dharma this is your one stop Wikipedia presented in a logical manner. A website for people looking for some serious material and about Hindu texts.

Through this website I came to know how our "trusted" companies like TATA and Nestle are fooling us and taking advantage of government's laxity. You should get registered at their website and know that these people are not screaming climate lunatics but rare and genuine people who are fighting for our rights and our planets. The causes we wont be interested to waste our 2 mins of precious time these people are going to jail for it. Risking their entire lives for you. They deserve your support.