Friday, September 04, 2009

What Am I Reading?

The past few days have been intellectually stimulating for me. Well they better be I finished reading 5 books. It makes me so happy to read. I am not a voracious reader but still I read to the limit i can push myself to read! It isn't as bad as it is. Here Are the 5 books which i have finished reading recently. They are:

1.Go Kiss The World
~Subroto Bagchi
Well sure some time has passed since finishing this one. Subroto Bagchi is one of the co-founders of MindTree. I had read many of his articles in many magazines and i was impressed to say the least. I had very high expectations which I admit the book didn't lived up to. I was keen to read on Bagchi's parents and his upbringing on which the articles were about. That part about the book about the parents was no doubt interesting but it is the details that get onto you.

It is a book for entrepreneurs and people in the corporate sector. The book has more of Bagchi's professional life and all the assignments which gets sketchy.

2.Angels And Demons
~Dan Brown
OK don't gape at me with full eyes but yes I'm pretty late at this one but finally i finish this never-ending one. I'm slow at Dan Brown i have noticed something makes me go slow at his novels and the thickness of them makes me go s.....l.....o.....w.....e.....r too!! But this was a nice one. I saw the movie right after I finished the book!

3.The Curious Case Of Dog In The Night Time
~Mark Haddon
I am in love with this one. The lead character Christopher Boone is an autistic kid and studies in a special school. He goes about to investigate the murder of his neighbour's dog 'Wellington'. But more important than the story is the way in which it is told. The chapters are numbered with prime numbers. Christopher who is gifted in mathematics and has special liking for prime numbers says:

"Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them."
and here's another one:
"I think people believe in heaven because they don't like the idea of dying, because they want to carry on living and they don't like the idea that other people will move into their house and put their things into the rubbish."

4.My Friend Sancho
~Amit Varma
I was dying to read this one. After all the rave reviews I read everywhere this was on my top list and thankfully i finally did it. I read this one in just two sittings interrupted by nothing but sleep and believe me it was unputdownable. The author Amit Varma is a blogger and a journalist and has used his book amply to promote his blog. The book in itself is full of humorous quotes and witty remarks which will make you laugh more than a dozen times and let me tell you if you've been thinking that this is a love story novel you need to read it to get your misconceptions removed.

5.The White Tiger
~Arvind Adiga
This one is very close to my heart for two reasons. ONE- The way Delhi has been described here makes it lovable to me. Especially when he tells about the book-seller in the PVR Saket market it almost gave me goosebumps. I was totally in awe of the book. He has shown the India in a way that i myself see India. The poor have been rotting in the Darkness while rich people are making a killing by living in the Light. This one is a well researched book and the way in which he describes the Bharat from which we are unaware of just gives you goosebumps. A very fine read indeed.

Hope you don't mind the randomness and lack of thought in the post!!

Currently Reading:
Autobiography Of A Yogi ~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Future Reading:
Diary Of Anne Frank~Anne Frank
Surely You're Joking Mr.Feynman~ Richard Feynman

Wish To Read:
Keep Off The Grass~Karan Bajaj
The Case Of Exploding Mangoes~Mohammed Hanif

I can read anything I guess except course books!!