Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I Support Savita Bhabhi.

Now here it is the woman not only your parents but also the Indian Government warned you about ~ Savita Bhabhi. A woman which was before getting banned one of the top most dedicated visited websites of India (as by Alexa). Savita Bhabhi's induction into Indian mindset and her subsequent acceptance and rejection is worth a study.

I have come across PhD's writing case study of how Savita Bhabhi reflects the socio-economic status in our Indian society. I have come across business analyst's review of how much business acumen is behind Savita Bhabhi's branding and customer loyalty. Then I have also come across Indian Government's excuse of banning SB. It's the same government which bans FTV for 3 days just for showing topless models. It's the same government which gives us the governor ND Tiwari. It's the same society which gives us Godmen like Swami Nityananda.

India is a sexually repressed society. We keep our sexualities in our back door. On the front even the word "sex" in itself has become so dirty that sometimes I wonder how can we pronounce the word and not vomit the next second. Why then treat something so natural as copulation as something immoral, as sin? Why does the society makes me feel so unnatural about it? Aren't we the ones who gave the world the Kama Sutra and the Khujraho temples? Top of it all aren't we the ones who pray and seek blessings from Shiva lingam?

There are far worse websites on the Indian web space where you can download videos of sexual escapades between consenting adults with a cam. The movie LSD nothing but mirrors this sad truth. Websites I don't feel like naming here can give give you daily updated dose of uploaded MMS'. Many girls lured by their bf into having sex before camera with or without their knowledge might provide excellent fodder for the junta but ends up ravishing not only the girls life but also her family's.

Savita Bhabhi is a toon character. She involves no real girls to play the part of sex objects. She's a form of art where different artists convulse to bring out a comics which caught the attention of Indians. If say SB reaches a crescendo and there's a huge demand for such toon characters giving rise to an underground industry is it harmful? Who are the people who'll gain: artists, story writers, designers, computer experts et al. Infact as I write this SB's new home is displaying an ad asking for recruitment of Script Writers.

It's all and all a creative process which is supplying an unfulfilled demand. Think about it; does it encourage any sort of physical sexual slavery, does in the whole cycle a real woman comes in scene to be reduced to a sex mannequin with sounds? Can cartoons encourage prostitution? SB is simply a comics a simple toon. It doesn't need ban from Indian Government to expose the double standards of our democracy where we have started acting as a moral police.

Find about Savita Bhabhi on Wikipedia here.

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Support Savita Bhabhi. Its a good feminism.

  Here's a spoof on SB its called Kavita Bhabhi and the site can be reached here.

That's Savita Bhabhi in late night Internet comedy show Jay Hind TV hosted by Sumeet Raghavan of Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai fame.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vanity Is My Favorite Sin! My Vanity Fair...

Yesterday was a fantastic day, a hattrick, sorts of, for fantabulous days. Last 3 days have been filled with absolute joy and bliss. I won’t go into microscopic details but here what’s been happening in my life:

1.It was a complete chance of fate that as I came across the February issue of JAM magazine and as I was flipping it by guess what I saw? Guess guess… I saw my own photo! It was posted in their advert. for their online social network community Club JAM where it was my profile pic. Now it feels good when you are casually flipping by a national magazine and they have printed your pic to show how “cool” you are. Now I’m “officially” cool!

2.I have been working(voluntarily) for a magazine called UPTU Watch. UPTU is the university I’m pursuing my degree from. UPTU has been responsible for ruining countless lives and tarnishing endless dreams. It has about 600+ colleges in its fold and in a single year the total number of graduates is more than the total number of graduates that have ever graduated from IITs since their inception!

OK back from UPTU bashing to UPTU Watch which has been started my some eminent people of the media industry. I have been in touch with them since long since it’s an issue close to my heart. (I was also behind the start-up youth magazine called “Subzero” in the NCR region which sadly died.) I’m working with them on their current April issue with full throttle which will be out in few days. I’ll be christened as Assistant Editor which is pretty good! The magazine is a movement to reform the UPTU which although being the largest university in the world lies in shambles.

(the issue on the right is of last month i.e. March Issue)

3.Here’s another wonderful event which I was more than glad to attend. It was the launch of Karan Vir’s first truly Indian graphic novel called “Dashaavatar” and “Moksha” it was graced with the presence of Mr. Gurcharan Das who is an eminent author of repute. The venue was the The Oxford Bookstore at Barakhamba Road, New Delhi.

I’m a die hard fan of Karan Vir’s Vimaanika comics which are steady mix of great artwork and mythology. A perfect combo needed to make religion “cool” for the youth of the nation. It was nothing less than a rock concert for me and the people were nothing less than rockstars. I had the opportunity to interact with Karan Vir and asked him few questions and informed him how I failed to find his comics across bookstores in Noida and Lucknow. I also asked his views about some US publications who have comicised our Mythologies (Like Liquid Comics and Grant Morrison’s 18 Days).

p.s. I got my Dashaavtar poster signed by Karan Vir! A collector’s edition!!! 

4.Now I have been meeting my school friends quite a lot recently, on 3 separate occasions I met a total of 4 school mates. All females. Now take a sample~ this is how I was introduced to my friend’s friend at two places: “You know Parv writes poetry! He writes lovely poems at his popular blog. Parv who is the one you write your poetry for? Lucky girl she is!”

So here are two points I have realised about me. I’m officially known and introduced as a “poet” now and secondly people are really interested to meet my girl!! That’s quite heart warming to know that my words are reaching out to people and touching them. Thank you all of you wonderful people for supporting me and boosting my morale it really means a lot to me!