Monday, January 25, 2010

Cunningness in men I see

Everywhere I go
Cunningness in men I see
Hurt by their selfish intentions
Bruised by their vilified actions
Their words stinks of motives and
Hearts filled with fake pretentions

Hidden behind flowery words
Buried beneath measured smiles
They hide their daggers and lies
They are enemies in disguise

I wonder if at night they feel guilty
I wonder if 'shame' exists in their mind
Give 'em an inch they snatch a mile
Still a frowning face you get everytime.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guest Post 'Woman' By Priya

She is thrown out, as a piece of paper;
once a beautiful handcrafted piece
carved with love and happiness.

She is thrown out, as a piece of thread;
once woven with silk
to bring the beauty of hers.

She is thrown out, as a piece of wood;
Once bathed with sandal
to enjoy the love of lust.

She is thrown out, as a piece of flesh;
once tangled with silent cries
and a petal full of dreams.

She is thrown out, as a piece of woman;
once reflected and admired
by the man she loved.

-By Priya

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ramayana Retold- Sita Sings The Blues!

Ramayana is a story told and retold and retold and retold and retold but we Indians are never bored of it. We can hear the story as many times as it reaches our ear. We know the characters, we know the story , the plot, the ending but still there's something so magical about the way it is told that it ends up telling more about the person telling it than the story itself. 

From our grandmother version to the Bollywood version we have tried to see it all and missed. The epic comes again over and over with its enthralling magic to mesmerize our attention. Not much time has passed since the animated "Hanuman" and "The Hanuman Returns" were presented to the children and well appreciated and loved. They sparked a frenzy among filmmakers to make animated films about our very own religious heroes/Gods. 

Recently the Indian Mythologies has been adapted and reproduced by various people. One of them include the joint venture of Deepak Chopra and Virgin Comics (more on this later) and the other is a brilliant work of Nina Paley on the animated movie "Sita Sings The Blues". A dynamic and revolutionary treatment of the same story which has never failed to fascinate us. 

"Sita Sings The Blues" uses variety of animation techniques and styles. The whole story is told keeping Sita in the mean focusing on her point of view. What an experience it is to watch the movie!!! No don't wonder about the release dates of the movie because you can LEGALLY download the movie from the official website here. On her website she says:

"You don't need my permission to copy, share, publish, archive, show, sell, broadcast, or remix Sita Sings the Blues. Conventional wisdom urges me to demand payment for every use of the film, but then how would people without money get to see it? How widely would the film be disseminated if it were limited by permission and fees? Control offers a false sense of security. The only real security I have is trusting you, trusting culture, and trusting freedom."

Now this is a real artist. These are the words and the intentions behind the movie and it deserves standing ovation. 

If you want the movie banned from the internet then you can sign the petition here!!! Banning something so beautiful doesn't make sense yes i agree Hindus will find it offensive for their Gods have been misused (Read  M F Hussain) and will be skeptical about the intentions of the artist but i strongly believe Hindus should not be  feeling insulted rather they should welcome it as a bold and modern description of their ages-told tale and how it is relevant even today!

Check the official website of Nina Paley here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Those Who Have Achieved

Mountains are in the mind
No mountain lies unconquered
Stone towers are build in mind
No tower lies unclimbed

Problems are but imaginary
No problem that can't be solved
Road is never too long, too rough
No road that hasn't been travelled

Oceans rage tests our courage
No oceans that hasn't been crossed
Sky above gazes us all the time
No bird that can go higher than us

Limitations lie in our minds
Boundaries exist in our dreams
Those who have achieved
Threw these limitations away

Burned the boundaries down
Let go of all mind games
Only those who have achieved

Monday, January 11, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness And Facebook

8 Jan was the "Breast Cancer Awareness Day" and true to the nature of the young generation they leapt into action (pun intended). I logged into my facebook account only to confront the horrors of the effect of americanisation of indian culture and our blind aping of the west. The girls on Facebook had updated their statuses with the colour of their bra.

black and silver!!!!

i guess 39

PINK... LOL....

36 ... :) !!!

pink n grey...!!!!


palatinate purple, dark lavender, blackkkk nd grey

This was an elegant awe-inspiring and brave move on part on the part of the ladies. Not only this selfless, courageous move will change the world and enlighten the world about breast cancer. It will change the world of social awareness. These girls who I'm sure would hardly know anything about breast cancer (symptoms and effects) and would have done nothing, absolutely NOTHING for social causes felt so much for the cause that so many of them updated the colour of their undergarmets in front of everyone.

What greater breast awarness can you give by telling the whole boys community that you are wearing a black or pink bra.? This is disgusting to say the least. What accolades do these girls expect? They are really "cool". How "cool" is it anyway? How hip, posh and fashionable? So Elle, Cosmopolitan reading, shopping malls addict, lifestyle obsessed generation who have one aim of life: to be cool by aping the west(amreeka to be precise). To be "in" is more important than to be right and logical.

It were the Detroit women who started it all. Girls in India who are cynical about about the "attitude" of indian men were never to be left behind and informed the indian men about their bra-colour sense.

I have written for women issues on this blog and other websites. I have seen government-sponsored billboards of breast awarness showing breasts at crossroads. The art-pieces of Raja Ravi Varma may show women with bare breasts but it enhances the beauty of the women not degrades it. You cannot put Savita Bhabhi comic-art and the nude paintings of Amrita Shergil on the same plate and say they show the same thing.

The intention is the important factor in your actions. Wearing a red ribbion for AIDS-awarness makes sense. Voting for a better Government makes sense. Visiting orphanage makes sense. But please in the garb of a serious issue of Breast Cancer Awareness don't fulfill your sexual fantasies.

painting by raja ravi varma

Friday, January 08, 2010

This City Is A Fight Club

City City Bang Bang
Welcome To Zooland
Come get a taste
Run gotta win this race
Have a taste of blood
This city is never dull
Hard work Hard fun
What you got son?
Prove your worth here
This city is not fair
Dreams Desire Dares
Winners are very rare
Run Run till you drop
Fight Fight never stop

This city is a Fight Club
A sinister and vice hub
Victims of this city
Winners of this city
Fight for every inch in this city
Make your place
Make your space
Build an empire
Build a worthy name

These dirty roads call
These street dogs hungry
These people smell blood
Thsese dreams look nightmare
From sunrise to sunset
Go fight buddy never rest
Nobody gives a damn
Until you give them crap

City City Bang Bang

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

These Imaginary Fictional Men

Spending time with worthy books
Is having conversation with wise men
It's like these men come to talk
across centuries
across continents
across languages
across time-space
To share their knowledge
To share their thoughts
And we like a sponge absorb

These books tell me stories
Of far-away mountains and seas
Of seductive women and eternal love
Of ruthless Kings and mighty rulers
Of Sci-fi future and stone age past

Each page each line teaches me
Like a teacher of infinite wisdom
I come to know men and society
And acute observation of behavior

These imaginary fictional men
Become my companions
Like real people they live in my head
With their stories and emotions.