Friday, June 26, 2009

My Noida Market!!

Fried omelettes, boiled eggs
Milk shakes and " Sirjee No Change"
Women in bright sarees
Walk beside those in Denim Capris
Girls with long saloon cut hair
Girls with 2 short ponies
Guyz with thick spectacles
Guyz with cigarettes on bikes
Men with big bellies & bigger wallets
Men with big cars & foul tongue
Neon lights and fluorescent bulbs
Chatpati 'tikkis' & paani batashas
Irritated husbands & excited children
Small poor children serving dishes
Liquor shops brimming with activity
Beggars promising salvation for cheap price
My Noida Bazaar pulsating with energy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A brief moment ago
I glimpsed a pregnant lady
A woman on a journey to be a 'Mother'
A transformation, a reincarnation
The pregnant lady was elegant
Carrying in her seed of mankind
I looked at her wondering

'If she was a single person;
or there were two of 'em?'

She was a coalescence of two bodies,
In her she bore the future of humanity
The ultimate cosmic union of 'em
A carrier of divine spark, divine reality
Midway between a Woman and a Mother
Mother-baby communion with one another

Mother- is the source of us all
I reject the belief of masculine God
God has to be a Mother

Mother by her very nature can't be human
She's a divine being nurturing us all.

p.s. the above painting is by the iconic painter Raja Ravi Varma

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kalpana Loves Ghajini!

His ruff and tuff looks
His fiery eyes
His Gujjar accent
His bappi da's 'sone' ka style
His macho goons
His blacker than black shirt-pant combo
His sinister ways and evil deeds
His big-owned factories
His hairline receeds
He's tall dark and handsome
He's all I ever dreamed of love
He'll buy me 3 ambassadors
He'll get me modelling contracts
He'll be my Salem i'll be his Monica
He's a darling, My charming sight
He's tough as a bull
He hits enemies with iron rods (in full delight)
I used to hate him, I luv him now
He was angry, he was a foe
I blew the lid off his girl racket (oops!)
He touched my heart with his angst look
He changed my mind with his iron rod
He turned my bf to memory freak
Ghajini- my man, my new boyfriend!
Sorry Sanjay,  keep the med student  
Choosing Ghajju is much more prudent! 

Friday, June 12, 2009

GB Road- The Sin Road

A night I was in New Delhi
A night alone with street lights
With heavy traffic and begging lunatics.
New Delhi Railway Station- My destination
Standing alone at "Ajmeri Gate Side"
Lightning up my cigarette to kill time
A full 3 hours to board my train
Alone with a thousand thoughts stranded.  

I decided to take a walk
A walk to a destination most infamous
Whose trail was learned from a friend.
With empty mind and no desires
I risked the custom and my reputation
Character after all is a cage.
GB Road was the disgraced address
Delhi's home to pimps and whores.

I walked a walk a lonely walk
Knowing not what to expect.

What would be it like to take a walk
Through the sin road of sinister souls
Would I lose my rational mind?
Would i forgo my repute and character?
And yield to the bodily temptations?
I had to find out, I had to go.

Through the traffic I made my way
Walking slowly, consciously to my destination
I knew I was on the right path.
For I saw girls - faces covered with cloth
In the rickshaws, on the bike's backseat
Faceless anonymous bodies cruising through.

Old lurid & rickety structure welcomed me
There I was in plenitude of dissolution
My heart beated albeit slowly, heavily.
As if to make a complete mockery of law
A police station right across the street.
'Plum Posting' it must be, I said to me.

A feeling of pervasive suffocation enveloped me
Behind the shady windows of buildings stood Whores 
"Whores" I said to myself in shock and rant
"Whores" with little more than their bras on them
Stood behind the heavy iron grills of the windows
Signalling me, Gesturing me, pinpointing me, to come
"Whores" behind their 'grills' -euphemism for jail bars
"Whores" ready to sell their body for anyone & everyone

And then my eyes locked upon a window
A 12 yr old or so little girl gesturing me.
A spectacular human tragedy of which
I was the audience with front row seats.
Suffocation filled me, I couldn't breathe
I needed to get outta there else i vomit.

Rebellion and Revolt struck my mind
Little mind of me unable to comprehend
Unable to decipher the question 'Why?'
Never had I imagined such a painful sight,
I wanted to scream, wail and cry all night
I was helpless and hopeless that night.  

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Death and All His Friends

I nurture a secret desire- to Die
Death and all His friends
Are welcome in my abode
Death is the only destination
The only thing certain in life
Isn't it funny
To desire Death all the time?
May be a violent may be a silent Death
Death is the goal of life
What is life?
March in the face of Death
The moment we are born
Death starts approaching

Death is the answer
Death is the liberation
Death is the door
Death is the beginning
Death is the nectar of life

Death is funny, it's a celebration
Why cry when somebody die?
The rich die the poor men die
The Kings die the beggars die
The geniuses die the lunatics die
We are dying each moment.

The thought of Death
The thirst of Death
Death is not an enemy
Death is a long lost lover
Waiting eternally for reconciliation

Death, Who are you?
Where are you?
Why are people scared of you?
Why they can't even talk about you?
Sing about you, laugh about you?
Answer me I'm waiting
At least give me a taste of you, Death.