Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arre ye ladka to bada Seedha-Saadha hain. "SSA"

SSA- Seedha Saadha Aadmi. 

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Every once in few days I have been habituated since childhood to hear the following condemned words:

'Arre ye ladka to bada seedha hain.' or 'bada he seedha-saadha ladka hain aapka' et al.
(Oh the boy is so innocent... or Your child is very innocent)

All these words are such an insult to some one who all his childhood dreamed of being a kid to be known as:

'Arre ye lada to bada bhoukaali hain' or 'Bada hi bhoukaali ladka hain aapka'
(Oh the boy is a deadly thug.... Your child is such a big mafia)
bhoukaali: Don type powerful, mafia typz personality.. get the picture?

Such were my simple and innocent dreams of mine of being the Hindi Cinema's one of the best villains:  Shaakaal

Shakal had pet Sharks which were made to feed on his enemies. Well when I was a kiddo all i could imagine was being a SUPER MAFIA DON whose name was enough to make people wet in pants and sweat in hands. I would think of the most cruel ways of torturing my victims in my super-specialty prisons. My pet Komodo dragon lizards would sit on my shoulders and hunt on my preys:

But then my aspirations did not meet my actions. I failed to be a qualified member of any gang during my school time. Worse than that I was not even involved in a hands-on-fight with a worthy foe which would have unleashed the devil in me and I'd have proven to the world of my hidden draconian intentions. Not even in college such an opportunity materialized. Though some gangs did come in contact and some warlords did consider me for recruitment but then that was ragging time they were on lookout for new recruits, fresh blood to carry their legacy forward.

Time passed and my gangster worshiping attitude found for itself no outlet in the actions. In fact it seemed pretty obvious to me where my life was now headed. I was becoming the SSA of the society. SSA's are wonderful people they don't know how to say NO. How to react, be really street smart and acting all smart Alec hoodwinking people.. all the necessary talents to survive and thrive in the fast paced world. SSA's are not foolish enough to not understand that they are being used. And this is where I am seem to be heading, the Anupem Kher of Khosla ka Ghosla:

So many times in my life I have single minded goals of achieve the character of kaminapan.. but then the training is not right. All this idealism and books live in my head and corrupts me. I need more training to achieve atleast 10% characteristics of Shakal ji