Saturday, June 30, 2007

"The Chronicile Of Brahmin Warrior"

I really don't know but something certainly has happened to me but something sure has. It starts with composing poems which i posted on this blog and strangely enjoyed writing them too! That's not all recently i read a story written by a teenager on his blog, thoughtfully inspired and extremely motivated i started on an adventurous journey of writing a novel.( i hate novels in fact i hate fiction......... strange isn't it?)

The official launch will be notified to all my near and dear ones. Copyrights law will as usual be applicable. Movie rights will be sold to the highest bidder. Publishers are requested to come only with an all-cash deal only. Distribution rights in Europe, America, Australia will also be given to the highest bidder only ......................i hope to outsell The Harry Potter............................ phew!

You must award my optimism because the above paragraph was written AFTER i forced my friend to read the first few pages. He read the first page looked up and said "Second page too??"

So to all my die-hard loyalists here's a glimpse...... the story is set in ancient India and where religion plays an important role. The main protagonist ( i spelled it right................may be???) is a teenage Brahmin girl who is a scion of a big priest family and is gifted with special powers. Its called "The Chronicile Of Brahmin Warrior".

Launching ceremony in Frankfurt Book Fair later this year my Indian fans will have to wait!!!! Meanwhile i coax my friend to force him through next page....................

Friday, June 29, 2007

I Live For Pleasure.

I live for pleasure, I do things for pleasure. My work is not a means to an end my work is an end in itself. I’m not running in a rat-race, no I don’t want to be the Numero Uno, no I don’t want to big build castles or have the largest bank balance. I ain’t chasing big ambitions I ain’t dying to get famous. My accomplishments didn’t change society neither do I think they ever will. No my salary won’t make headlines neither will I be page 3 celebrity.

I am my own fate. I am a law unto myself.

This is my life I am living it one moment at a time. This moment, as I write this article, this moment is all that matters, neither do I think about the past nor am I dreaming about the future. You are what you are and what happens just happens.

I am my own brand I am my own idol.

Do not make a mirage out of happiness. Happiness is HERE NOW. All the time we are constantly treading a path called life and whose destination is “happiness”. All the time you are thinking when I do this I will be happy. If I get this I will be happy. Happiness for you is somewhere in the future but sadly it never comes. It’s like waiting till eternity.

The law of the Tao is its being what it is.
-Lao Tzu.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bonjour Monsieur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I’ve going to this French classes for about a week now and to tell ya I’m loving it!!!!!!!!! The institute is called IFLAPS (Institute of foreign languages and professional studies). Our batch has 8 students (Including a girl who has attended just one class so she may or may not join) I have had a talk with 2 people only and both of them are really nice persons.

Tarun is doing some Hotel Management course and Parul is studying in some engineering college in Gr. Noida (that’s pretty close….lol). Her college has some unpronounceable name and I don’t think I’ll be able to spell it to so leave it to” some college”. So it was funny to talk about that “pari chowk” “gamma market” “knowledge park”!!!!!!!!!

If you didn’t notice Tarun was mentioned about in only one line while Parul took the rest of the paragraph...............Men will be Men.

French is an exceptionally easy language if only you put a little mind to it. It’s fabulous to speak and easy to pick-on. I only had a week classes and time permits me to attend the classes for about a month or so more only (3rd SEM begins August 1). So I hope that I’ll be able to pick enuf of it to be able to converse smoothly.

In case you were wondering why on earth did I join the “French” classes why not German and this and that let me tell ya I live for pleasure I do things for pleasure. In the long run I aim to be a polyglot I’m starting with French because I wanted to……… no, no software companies are looking for French learned people. No French MNC’s are opening there offices here I’m doing it because I feel like doing it.

That’s it, that’s me.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Room My World

I've living in my room for so much time now that i guess i have grown attached to it. The same walls the same windows have seen me and i've seen them. Don’t think i'm insane but it's my pretty little cave i take refuge in. This pretty room of mine is my world. Leave me in and don’t bother me i'm in my own proper atmosphere.

Sometimes i guess i have been developing anti-social tendencies…hey I ain’t a nerd but I ain’t happy surrounded by too many people either it’s difficult for me to hold long conversations cuz often enough I slip back mentally into my own mental state.

Back to the room it’s sad I live in hostel now I really miss my room so much I’m so “attached” to it kinda feels awkward to be there between a new set of parallel walls but then they are what they are: Walls.

But maybe it’s good I guess. I don’t keep memories in my mind I have absolutely no use of the past as I leave my little cave all that “has been” no longer exists for me now. New rooms mean the independence to start all over again. Its like facing a blank page you have the independence now to write a new story........... in that case it's a blessing.

Currently on my Desk:

Right now as i enjoy my stay at home before the starting of the next semester there's been a lot of time with me. I fortunately had a lot of time to read so here are a few of the books i wish to tell ya i was going thro' they are a mix breed i would say but that's alright.......nevermind:

1.Forrest Gump by Winston Groom: I read Da Vinci Code before i watched the movie and this was the book i read after i watched the movie (starring Tom Hanks). I guess movie was somehow better than the book maybe because i knew beforehand what was going to happen so it kinda took the thrill out of the book.

2.One Night@Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat: Man this was a complete torture to tell ya i couldn't complete the book. Ihad to force myself thro' the book and that "Love Story" really made me fell like chooping Chetan Bhagat to pieces. This was my first encounter with Chetan Bhagat and yes the last one!

3.Holy War Inc. by Peter L. Bergen- This is my darling. Its written by a CNN journalist who interviewed Osama binLaden. The book documents the life of the most famous terrorist of our times and his group Al-Queda. What i liked most about the book was even tho' it's written by an American it presents an unbiased view of everything. I'm loving it.

4.Whey Men Lie And Women Cry by Allan and Barbara Pease: I found this one with one of my friend and it really amuses me to think that a book written on such a common issue as on the differences in male and female personality and their mindset can be so revealing and fun-packed. Men have been hunters since eons and developed mindset akin to their job. Women nurtured and raised family and so their mindset. Gotcha?

5.A Treasure Of Great Poems: This one is hard bound and is thicker than any other book i have read or even thought of reading. Anyway as it turns out it has a collection of poems from almost all major poets and by far is as comprehensive as it can get. It starts from Bible and gradully leads to the timeline and the era's in poetry.........still reading!!!

p.s. the above photograph was taken by me.................

Sunday, June 24, 2007

8 habits of Highly Effective People

So i am right now in some revealing mood so let me tell you 8 nasty habits i have. Everybody have some so do i ......unfortunately they arent nasty enuf to qualify me a member of mental asylum!!!!!! But they are irksome enuf to have pretty normal people sceptic about my mental health. Here are some of them 8 to be counted on fingers

1. I'm really paranoid about my mobile phones, keys, wallet etc. i carry, so much so, that almost every minute my hand revolves around my right and left pocket (mobiles in left pocket and keys etc. in right) and on my butt pocket (home to my wallet) to check if everything is in place.

2. This isn't exactly masochism but i developed this habit in hostel where i used to burn my wrists with a ciggarette lighter until i couldn't take it anymore. Had to abondon so that the wounds could heal before i my bon voyage to home.

3. Besides burning myself up i love to see other things in flame too. I have been burning piles of dead leaves near my home with a religious zeal. Hostel gave me a new thing to burn: Newspapers!! Bundles of old newspapers dumped in the corridor made a good fuel.

4. This is a really nasty one but as they say "old habits die hard! ". I never ever think twice before putting clothes on. But it has a philosophy behind it, i believe people wear "attention-grabbing" clothing because they are dull inside and their lives are pathetically boring. It's only skin deep exiting. It's like make-up people apply to tell themselves they are beautiful.

5. Living in dark. I almost resent bright rooms, curtains are by rule always drawn. I avoid moving out in bright daylight too. Mostly it's the twilight (dawn or dusk) which i love the most. Brightness hurts, darkness engulfs.

6. I hate listening music in the background. Now this almost makes me tear my hair apart i cant tolerate music (radio or cd player) playing even mildly because often enough i am engrossed in doing some work(reading newspaper or burning hands) and with constant music playing in the room i get really really pissed off.

7.I prefer no-food to bad-food. Unsuprisingly when we were on school trip to goa i survived on Glucon-D and fast foods. The food sponsored by the travel agent was never an option for me. In hostel too days pass off without a meal and the mess eagerly waits for my arrival.

8.Killing all creepy-crappy creatures. It includes all dirty fellas with 4 legs or more are mercilessly crushed by my feet, better still they are killed slowly as i dissect them taking their legs, wings, torso apart as they wither in pain and anguish. Actually i kill them with a BANG!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keep Walking

There's a fact and i dont know you may like it or loathe it but the fact is LIFE MOVES ON. With or without you... nothing they say ever stays the same. Life moves a full circle what goes up comes down and of course vica-versa. No two leafs are the same neither i guess any two moments. Each moment life rejuvenates itself re-orients itself. Each second, each moment your past dies each moment you have an option of letting go of the past no matter how painful or glorious it is. That part of your life is over. Its finished.

You don't let go of all your memories so much so that memories become your escapade you take refuge there its your small dingy safe cave. There's a world out there waiting to be explored but only a few people have the courage to let go of all the burden of memories and set out on an unchartered territory. They start again from the very A B C just like small children who dont have long memories neither do they think about the past.

Do you have the courage to forget everything you know?? Do you have the courage to forget everything you think you know about life about you and me??

Therefore I Am

I am what I am
Crazy, maverick,bizzare,
Some of the pronouns
I've docked in my ham.

I ain't what you think I am
I'm just me
Unaware of norms of society
Unwilling to follow your "Almighty".

All the strange places I've tread
And the outlandish thoughts I've read
Makes me see your world upside down instead
My only treasure is the thought in my head.

I'm my own teacher
I'm my own race
I ain't just a face in the crowd.
I am me.Neither humble nor proud.


Evil minds unite
Common goal in sight
A lethal Conspiracy is hatched
Soon Prince power will be snatched
Prince promised on his father's grave
The kingdom shall reign in grace
Daggers and Stabbers thirsty for his blood
An 800-year old name shall lay in mud
Common people remain unaware
An unimaginable grief they'll have to share
Uneasy silence fills the palace
Walls know the secret but shall never say.

Bubble Of Good Times

You have no idea how hard i've tried
No idea about the number of thorns
I've walked on
This smile of mine is just a facade
No idea you have it hides a fighting rage
I've been walking on the razor's edge
Come closer, touch me, heal me.
I've been running, running in circles
My guiding star seems so hazy
I've seen bubble of good times bursting

Stumbling blocks and iron locks
Invincible peaks, abyss of dark valleys
Known 'em all and known my callous fate
I secede, I Recede, I let go.
Colossol faith in myself -not anymore
Bruises all over I'm in a state of
eternal damnation
Butcher my body Burn my soul
Rhapsody of grief penetrates Whole.