Saturday, June 30, 2007

"The Chronicile Of Brahmin Warrior"

I really don't know but something certainly has happened to me but something sure has. It starts with composing poems which i posted on this blog and strangely enjoyed writing them too! That's not all recently i read a story written by a teenager on his blog, thoughtfully inspired and extremely motivated i started on an adventurous journey of writing a novel.( i hate novels in fact i hate fiction......... strange isn't it?)

The official launch will be notified to all my near and dear ones. Copyrights law will as usual be applicable. Movie rights will be sold to the highest bidder. Publishers are requested to come only with an all-cash deal only. Distribution rights in Europe, America, Australia will also be given to the highest bidder only ......................i hope to outsell The Harry Potter............................ phew!

You must award my optimism because the above paragraph was written AFTER i forced my friend to read the first few pages. He read the first page looked up and said "Second page too??"

So to all my die-hard loyalists here's a glimpse...... the story is set in ancient India and where religion plays an important role. The main protagonist ( i spelled it right................may be???) is a teenage Brahmin girl who is a scion of a big priest family and is gifted with special powers. Its called "The Chronicile Of Brahmin Warrior".

Launching ceremony in Frankfurt Book Fair later this year my Indian fans will have to wait!!!! Meanwhile i coax my friend to force him through next page....................


jack frost said...

You ask an ancient(or even present) brahmin gal to dress up like that one in the pic... and watch the rection.
I bet u'll have to run for your life, especially if her dad is around.

On the other side, the storyline is quite okay, but y u particular about brahminism. it kinda doesnt fit in coz, brahmins especially the ancient ones are considered too orthodox and highly conservative about their women.
Jus my P.O.V, no offense mate ;)

Parv Kaushik said...

lol !!!!!!!!!!! never mind

i totally agree but this is how it goes brahmins were a learned lot they were seen as learned people while the kshtriya caste was the ruling or the ones who usually fought

here a brahmin gal( my version of tomb raider) picks up a sword to defend the people ............

it's about a common gal rising to the occasion

daman kohli said...

hey looking forward to reading ur novel and plss gimme free tickets to the movie premiere :)

by the way i am from JIIT noida ,its in sector 62 ,right now @ iitb and ya i came to know abt the relaunch of the revamped 392 ,so looking forward to a trip to refresh my memories

and happy blogging to u :)

Parv Kaushik said...

thank u daman for visiting my blog u r there for the special premiere !!!!!!!!!

c u there


ancient powers ... hm what kind.??? hey best ever write up from u.. !!
N that too on brahmins.. y specific.. hehehe.. loads n loads of questions left answered... for that ur movie wil b sumthing il not miss at all.. waiting for d block buster !!

bets of luck for dat n cheers mr director in making rather producer??

Parv Kaushik said...

hey thnx so much buddy

powers-- divya alokik shaktiya the ones we saw in mahabhaarat and ramayana on tv!!!!

brahmins cuz plot of the stori demands it

oh all my fans all over the world are eagerly waiting !!!!!!

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