Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keep Walking

There's a fact and i dont know you may like it or loathe it but the fact is LIFE MOVES ON. With or without you... nothing they say ever stays the same. Life moves a full circle what goes up comes down and of course vica-versa. No two leafs are the same neither i guess any two moments. Each moment life rejuvenates itself re-orients itself. Each second, each moment your past dies each moment you have an option of letting go of the past no matter how painful or glorious it is. That part of your life is over. Its finished.

You don't let go of all your memories so much so that memories become your escapade you take refuge there its your small dingy safe cave. There's a world out there waiting to be explored but only a few people have the courage to let go of all the burden of memories and set out on an unchartered territory. They start again from the very A B C just like small children who dont have long memories neither do they think about the past.

Do you have the courage to forget everything you know?? Do you have the courage to forget everything you think you know about life about you and me??

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