Sunday, June 24, 2007

8 habits of Highly Effective People

So i am right now in some revealing mood so let me tell you 8 nasty habits i have. Everybody have some so do i ......unfortunately they arent nasty enuf to qualify me a member of mental asylum!!!!!! But they are irksome enuf to have pretty normal people sceptic about my mental health. Here are some of them 8 to be counted on fingers

1. I'm really paranoid about my mobile phones, keys, wallet etc. i carry, so much so, that almost every minute my hand revolves around my right and left pocket (mobiles in left pocket and keys etc. in right) and on my butt pocket (home to my wallet) to check if everything is in place.

2. This isn't exactly masochism but i developed this habit in hostel where i used to burn my wrists with a ciggarette lighter until i couldn't take it anymore. Had to abondon so that the wounds could heal before i my bon voyage to home.

3. Besides burning myself up i love to see other things in flame too. I have been burning piles of dead leaves near my home with a religious zeal. Hostel gave me a new thing to burn: Newspapers!! Bundles of old newspapers dumped in the corridor made a good fuel.

4. This is a really nasty one but as they say "old habits die hard! ". I never ever think twice before putting clothes on. But it has a philosophy behind it, i believe people wear "attention-grabbing" clothing because they are dull inside and their lives are pathetically boring. It's only skin deep exiting. It's like make-up people apply to tell themselves they are beautiful.

5. Living in dark. I almost resent bright rooms, curtains are by rule always drawn. I avoid moving out in bright daylight too. Mostly it's the twilight (dawn or dusk) which i love the most. Brightness hurts, darkness engulfs.

6. I hate listening music in the background. Now this almost makes me tear my hair apart i cant tolerate music (radio or cd player) playing even mildly because often enough i am engrossed in doing some work(reading newspaper or burning hands) and with constant music playing in the room i get really really pissed off.

7.I prefer no-food to bad-food. Unsuprisingly when we were on school trip to goa i survived on Glucon-D and fast foods. The food sponsored by the travel agent was never an option for me. In hostel too days pass off without a meal and the mess eagerly waits for my arrival.

8.Killing all creepy-crappy creatures. It includes all dirty fellas with 4 legs or more are mercilessly crushed by my feet, better still they are killed slowly as i dissect them taking their legs, wings, torso apart as they wither in pain and anguish. Actually i kill them with a BANG!

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