Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bubble Of Good Times

You have no idea how hard i've tried
No idea about the number of thorns
I've walked on
This smile of mine is just a facade
No idea you have it hides a fighting rage
I've been walking on the razor's edge
Come closer, touch me, heal me.
I've been running, running in circles
My guiding star seems so hazy
I've seen bubble of good times bursting

Stumbling blocks and iron locks
Invincible peaks, abyss of dark valleys
Known 'em all and known my callous fate
I secede, I Recede, I let go.
Colossol faith in myself -not anymore
Bruises all over I'm in a state of
eternal damnation
Butcher my body Burn my soul
Rhapsody of grief penetrates Whole.

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