Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Touch The Sky

I want to touch the sky
Talk with clouds
Share some secret of mine
Sing with birds
And hear them cry
Dance with God
Imbibe his vibes of might.

I want to touch the sky
Glance at earth below
A whole plantation of misery and lies
The sky's so pure
With innocence, no child can defy
Such immense splendour
No riches dare to scale it's heights.

I want to touch the sky
Listen to the wind
For they tell me it's wise
Fight with gale
It's some adventure in disguise
Aim for stars
For i still have miles to see.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Foolish Wisdom

My life is a jigsaw puzzle
Breaking free of the muzzle
Sitting alone with a zen-like calm
Destruction and demise in my palm.

Love is close, so is hate
Root deep mates, split in vain
I take refuge in Ignorance
Freedom calls with its fragnance.

More to come, more to depart
Makes no sense my wild wild heart
Life is a flux i have realised
Be a fool, there's nothing in being wise.

There's no point in point of view
Mystery around i have no clue
Dont be a slave, be a lover
Be it winter, spring or summer.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unsung Hero

Lonely boulevard greets the unsung hero

Walking alone he accepts the silent applause

His feats had matched that of Gods

His courage made demons tremor

Only heavens witnessed the triumph of his spirit

His story is an epic untold and forgotten

Sky and earth- the mute spectators will recall

How a man once proved himself a MAN

All his glory will just be a memory

Evanescent fairy tale buried in Silence

Lonely boulevard greets the unsung hero

Unhealed wounds scream his grandeur

For once the mighty Sun bowed in respect

Flowers paid homage by blooming his way

The unsung hero of ours accepts his Fate

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cost Of Education

The Ragamuffin boy
Picks up my study book
And attempts
To understand the alphabets
And decipher the figures

Education for him
Is a distant destination
Some fairy land description
Can you feel him?
Such helplessness and
Hopelessness of a destitute

Stripped by destiny
Robbed by fate
Is being poor here
The biggest crime?
His is just another life
above pic taken by me in Sec 18 Noida, the street kid was watching television from the window of a popular eatery.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stars Are Scars

The stars above high and migh

Are nothing but tears of the sky

Alone it stands, alone it cries

Nobody to live for, for whom can it die?

Loneliness so vast even bird's cant deny

Standing alone, in a corner, quietly it sighs

Million tears to decorate still we think it smiles!


As the sun bids us farewell
Crimpson coloured sky echoes its glory
Subtle breeze melt my heart
A snag rolls down my cheek
Hedonism is your new religion
Innocence- your only disposition
Amnesia is your new malady
Knowledge and Memories- a distant melody
Trees are greener than ever
Ranting their euphoric lustre
First few stars dot the sky
Red sky dissapears hiding as a lie
Some artist painted a moon so bright
This ain't myth, it's the beginning of night.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Every day I triumph, Every day I climb
Every day I pour everything into my rhyme
Every day I find success in there lines
Every day the world stands up for me

Standing Ovation
The podium is my only destination
They've coronated me Numereo Uno
I ain't second to none, you know

Always led the rank and files
Born to reign and to rise
Speaking truth in web of lies

I'm used to walking on peaks
Impossible is nothing
This is my education, my only seek.

Mountain View

Another day,another night
Have no reasons to fight
So many people,so many complains
Keep your words dont make me insane

Rain or sunshine treading the miles
Never cheering the laughter or cries
Silently waiting with a zen-like calm
My mind is parroting a rant

Neither hope nor motivation
Let me be my own inspiration
No road-maps no place to go
Just that i want to roar.

Why am i running this race
Ain't got any saving grace
There's a cliff here is me
Let me climb for a view to see.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Star in the making...

Thats real crazy man..... m sitting on my laptop and i discover this tiny little dot called web-cam which i had never ever used so i got my act together... and here's a clip which can definitelt win me an Oscar! Is Ram Gopal Verma looking? u knw i can play the next lead role in any of his movie..... or may be mahesh bhatt!!! u knw a struggling and a talented actor is waiting in line to be a mega star.... m so humble!!!! sometimes i envy myself for my exemplary humility.... Sigh.. Sigh..