Sunday, August 31, 2008

Veer Savarkar- The Hero

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Yogesh said...

amazing ... amazing... nice stuff dude.. I wonder what you do the whole day, sit, dream, and come up with this stuff... awsome!!
Will look forward to more from you.

Parv Kaushik said...

thnx yogesh!!! keep kivisiting... nd dreamer i am in daylight i agree!! wasnt john lennon too!!

Yogesh said...

well... john lennon was one... but what about Ozzy!!!
prefer peace or black magic?

Parv Kaushik said...

they are like the opposite ends of the music spectrum but i guess one wont survive without the another.. they complement each other..

like death complements life ...

and on a light note i listen to both of 'em... imagine by lennon is my all tym favrt and latest album Black Rain by Ozzy is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

any thing about veer savarkar is
patriotism.may his memory be cherished for ever by every indian.
madhav tonapi


jia said...

The greatest Indian leader of his time VEER SAVARKAR has said-
In India Hindus are an overwhelming majority; India’s culture and civilization of the Hindus ;the history of India is the history of the rise and fall of the Hindus; so Hindus are the nation in India ; others are only communities living in this country.
shri T.D chandna

jia said...

Veer Savarkar an every inch a Hindu Nationalist leader has said-
“I Shall Die As Hindu “

“After veer savarkar’s unconditional release form Ratanagiri on May10,1937 Many felicitation functions were held in his honour. Replying to one such address he said, “Resistance, cooperation and pressure are the ways by which we have to achieve freedom. The basis of this Swarajya would be Democracy, based on the principle of ‘one man one vote’. While attaining this goal I shall try my best to safeguard the just rights of Hindus. Whatever happens I shall never leave the side of the Hindus. Even a life of luxury I shall reject if it is against the interests of the Hindus. Rather, I shall prefer death as a Hindu.”
Shri T.D.Chandna

jia said...

Veer Savarkar has rightly said-

What is the Hindu Nation?
“Let us get this thing straight. People have a wrong notion of a Hindu Nation and about communalism. A Hindu means a person who regards this land of Bharatvarsha from the Indus to the seas as his fatherland and holy land-the land of origin of his religion and the cradle of his faith.”

jia said...

The Greatest patriot and freedom fighter of his times Veer Savarkar has said like this-
“Some people says they won freedom without shedding a single drop of blood. True, very much true! Not even a single drop of blood has stained their creased clothes. But can we forget thousands of those tender boys and daring youths who, for freedom’s sake, fell fighting in the pool of their own blood?”
-Veer Savarkar

jia said...

Veer Savarkar’s views on how India got freedom-

Factors for freedom

“There are many factors which contributed to the freedom of Bharat. It is wrong to imagine that Congress alone won independence for Hindustan. It is equally absurd to think that non-cooperation, Charkha and the 1942 ‘Quit India Movement’ were solely responsible for the withdrawal of the British Power from our country. There were other dynamic and compelling forces which finally determined the issue of freedom. First, Indian politics was carried to the Army on whom the British depended entirely to hold down Hindustan’ Second, there was a revolt of the Royal Indian Navy and a threat by the Air force; Third, the valiant role of Netaji Subash Bose and the I.N.A.; Four, The war of independence in 1857,which shook the British; five, the terrific sacrifices made by thousands of revolutionaries and patriots in the ranks of the congress, other groups and parties. So freedom came with blood, Sweat and tears of countless men and women of Hindustan.
-Veer Savarkar
Shri T.D.Chandna

jia said...

The great visionary Veer Savarker has once said-
“Those who think I am fanatic Hindu and a communalist are suffering from a strange malady hallucination. I am neither a fanatic Hindu nor a communalist. I cannot make donkeys think like horses.
“What I say today people accept after ten years. I am prepared to wait for ten years.”
-Veer Savarkar

jia said...

Hindu dharma, Hindu sanskrati aur bhartiye avam vishva – itihas ka mulgami aur sukham adhayan karne ke karan savarkar is natize per aye the ki manavta ke charam kallyan ke liye Hindu tatvagyan ki sharan lene ke siva koi dusra upaye nahi hai.
-sabhar :-savarkar smarak granth

rpendse said...

Excellent poem Parv. If you wish, you ca be a member of Swatantrya Veer Savarkar group on Facebook. Here's the link:!/group.php?gid=105894516122039&ref=mf

Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Raj Pendse
Toronto Canada