Monday, November 30, 2009

5 Websites Of Authors To Visit Before You Die!

Alright people here it comes again for you some very interesting links from the web jungle chosen and plucked by me for you to enjoy and gain knowledge! Here it is before you 5 websites of famous authors. They offer you different views and a whole new world of words to unravel.. here it is following my previous two posts:

5 Blogs To Visit Before You Die!

5 Websites To Visit Before You Die!

1. Karan Bajaj
The suave author of "Keep Off The Grass" is an IIM and a BIT(Mesra) product. His debut book has been a best-seller and is soon to be made into a movie by a Hollywood production house. Karan Bajaj's website has tips to offer to rookie authors to get their own book published. Find out more about him here.

2. Chetan Bhagat
The less said about this person the better. Chetan Bhagat is te best thing that has happened to Indian publishing industry. There was a time in publishing industry pre-Chetan Bhagat and a time post-Chetan Bhagat. This man changed everything in the Indian literary world. CB sells as much as a newspaper. There's no point in deriding the books he's written for CB has made books relevant to this generation. Check out his official website for a wider perspective of the man.

3.Chuck Palahniuk
He's not just an author he's a preacher. You do not just join his fan club here you join his Cult. The famous author of the book Fight Club which was later made into a movie is a prolific author of several amazing books like Rant, The Diary, Lullaby etc. His website will help you get tips on how to write and know more about minimalist literary movement. He is known for dark humour in his books.

4.Ayn Rand
A path-breaking author is not just a writer she's a philosopher and an institute in herself. Each of her book is a gospel. With her objectivism she never fails to charm the idealists of the world. She's a torch bearer in this world of misery. She's an enlightened being who gives courage to sole fighting spirits of the world who fight for the indivisual liberty. Check out the Indian blog here and more about her here.

5.Samit Basu
An IIM-A drop out who went on to study broadcasting and film making instead, is the author of fantasy novels.  "He's a columnist, screen writer, documentary film maker and freelance journalist writing on travel, film books and pop culture." " Basu is also a comics writer. He writes for Virgin Comics" - Wikipedia. Do I need to say more about the guy? Check out the website dude to know more!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lost Childhood 2: The Little Boy

i turned around from the 'beer shop'
unsatisfied with the pics clicked
i saw a sight and took some time
to comprehend the gravity of it
a young boy hardly a pre-teen
sat there in middle of busy crowd
collecting beer bottles in a rucksack
a sight so common you wouldn't even care
but his 'work' caught my attention
sat there he, collecting empty bottles
but also collected the last few sips
from each bottle left by the drinker
and emptied them into a single bottle
then quenched his thirst with the cocktail
half filled bottle like trophy he claimed
who's to blame for street urchin's state?
you or me? society or the shop-owner?
useless governments or high decibel NGO's?
a billion people can take the blame, but
who's to take the first step to stop him
will it be you or will it be me?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lost Childhood 1: The Little Girl

just another end of frantic day
waiting at a over-cramped bus-stop
i darted at a near-by beer shop
to capture some engrossing snaps
but then she came like an angel
smiling, giggling, with a bruised face
i smiled back and asked her to pose
took some snaps to her bewilderment!
she looked at me with so much awe
her eyes told me she didn't had enough
i prepared to move beyond past her
her lips almost parted to say something
i could read it in her eyes~ an emotion
all she wanted to say was 'bhaiyya' (brother)
i didn't stop lest tears flow from our eyes

she disappeared in a blink of an eye
and our relationship met it's final fate
i moved towards the 'wine and beer shop'
the smell of various liquors intrigued me
the intoxicated and the sober stood in line
when a tall black guy tapped me at my back
with a big grin and sugar coated sweet words
asked me if i was looking for 'something'
perplexed i shook my head, puzzled
he pointed at 'the little girl' in corner
asked me if i was single or with friends
did i have a place or i wanted his?
at reasonable price he could give anything
i looked at the terrified girl's warm eyes
i could see in them her father was the pimp

Part 2 of this poem will be updated soon. the title of which is~
Lost Childhood 2: The Little Boy

Kindly go through this article. I read it in the Tehelka magazine. It's worth giving your time and mind. The article is about The Oberoi Brothers.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009