Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lost Childhood 2: The Little Boy

i turned around from the 'beer shop'
unsatisfied with the pics clicked
i saw a sight and took some time
to comprehend the gravity of it
a young boy hardly a pre-teen
sat there in middle of busy crowd
collecting beer bottles in a rucksack
a sight so common you wouldn't even care
but his 'work' caught my attention
sat there he, collecting empty bottles
but also collected the last few sips
from each bottle left by the drinker
and emptied them into a single bottle
then quenched his thirst with the cocktail
half filled bottle like trophy he claimed
who's to blame for street urchin's state?
you or me? society or the shop-owner?
useless governments or high decibel NGO's?
a billion people can take the blame, but
who's to take the first step to stop him
will it be you or will it be me?


Ravan said...

Oh my God.... dude send the address of the place to 1098... save the girl at least!!

sweetmango said...

i will never walk past a situation that i know that i have the power to change, i cant, because if i did it would eat at me like a cancer for the rest of my life. Years and years ago i came across a quote that changed my life, i changed the way i lived because of it.....
I will not be the silent majority. The silent majority are as guilty as the perpertrator for not standing up to oppression in any form.
That changed me profoundly, I write letters, I sponsor children, I raise funds, i make noise, I educate others, I do whatever it takes to make change, I do whatever it takes to make sure I am not the silent majority, i never want to be the silent majority.
so.....what can we do about these children? there must be some sort of humanitarian agency over there that can step in? what can we do Parv?
I am so very glad you bring these children to our attention. They are seared on my heart.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Painful truth Parv. We are all incapable in one way or the other. The truth is, nation lacks a true leader....

sm said...

This happens in India everywhere.

Saya said...

This is very beautifully written.. I dont know if you are in india.. but this is quite common in India..

heartbreakingly common..and hopelessly true.

BK Chowla said...

Is there any way we can help to change the situation.It is pathetic

Priyanka said...

touching and thought provoking poem as always...u r born writer no doubts abt it ...and yes your interview is also very impressive....applauses.... and many congrats