Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lost Childhood 1: The Little Girl

just another end of frantic day
waiting at a over-cramped bus-stop
i darted at a near-by beer shop
to capture some engrossing snaps
but then she came like an angel
smiling, giggling, with a bruised face
i smiled back and asked her to pose
took some snaps to her bewilderment!
she looked at me with so much awe
her eyes told me she didn't had enough
i prepared to move beyond past her
her lips almost parted to say something
i could read it in her eyes~ an emotion
all she wanted to say was 'bhaiyya' (brother)
i didn't stop lest tears flow from our eyes

she disappeared in a blink of an eye
and our relationship met it's final fate
i moved towards the 'wine and beer shop'
the smell of various liquors intrigued me
the intoxicated and the sober stood in line
when a tall black guy tapped me at my back
with a big grin and sugar coated sweet words
asked me if i was looking for 'something'
perplexed i shook my head, puzzled
he pointed at 'the little girl' in corner
asked me if i was single or with friends
did i have a place or i wanted his?
at reasonable price he could give anything
i looked at the terrified girl's warm eyes
i could see in them her father was the pimp

Part 2 of this poem will be updated soon. the title of which is~
Lost Childhood 2: The Little Boy

Kindly go through this article. I read it in the Tehelka magazine. It's worth giving your time and mind. The article is about The Oberoi Brothers.


Anonymous said...

oh how sad!
Crushes my heart that this is what some of our brothers and sisters suffer. What i wouldnt do to rescue each and every one of them in this situation.

preposterous girl said...

Oh.. The end lines were heart breaking.. :(
How can people be so cruel.. so inhuman.. :( :(

preposterous girl said...

And yes I have read this article on "The Oberoi Brothers"..
Don't know when we people just lose our humane touch in living this life as a human.. :( Clueless.. :(

BK Chowla said...

Yes,I have read this.Thank you.

Priya said...

Thaz very sad and wonder when a father takes good responsibility of his daughter than being so called...

Ravan said...

Oh man... this is really sad...shit...her father,
even the face was so innocent...shit shit shit...super shit... i feel like killing the guy!!!


shri ramesh sadasivam said...


Vaibhav Agrawal said...

So heartfelt !!.. :-(
It makes u so helpless that we cant do nothing after seeing such situations..
We people have to wake up and join our hands to let every small girl or child get what they deserve..
Do give a thought to this !!..

HaRy!! said...

damn!!!! "£$% nothing else to abuse!


Ammar shaken to the soul said...

couldn't stop myself from crying for the poor, helpless girl. What has happened to this world , father's were meant to protect their girls from even the slightest hurts but that guy.....i dont even hav a slang for him. God help her and help me help her. please god, please..

Ammar shaken to the soul said...

hey dude
why don't you call up child care and ask them to take the girl. that is the least you CAN do. If you cant then post the address. She might still be there. So many ppl have visited this blog....sum1 including will try to help her. I hope you heed this. Make a life for her ppl!!!
we still got a soul if not his father!!