Saturday, July 14, 2007


Will surfing through i found this exceptionally elegant and beautiful potrait of Radha with Shri Krishna in the background. I am spellbound by the potrait and hope you will admire it too so without much words I will let it speak for itself.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's been a hard days night!!

Today maybe a just another day but lemme summarize it hoping to make sense of the stuff around. OK here we go …………. Today was the first day I missed my French classes, though not intentionally but mom asked me to put up at home bcuz there was other serious business around. Sigh sigh … I guess it was the first time in my entire life that some class has received so much of attendance by me I was eager to attend every single class before the conclusion of the course.

I Googled around about anti-Christ and trust me I couldn’t stop amusing myself of the funny theories Christians have developed and come to believe that one day “Rapture” would happen. The world is waiting eagerly for the coming of an anti-Christ . . . . Who can believe such stuff???

I also read about Che Guevera my new Hero my new obsession. Amongst the many things I read about him I was very pleased to read about the fact that his school mates used to call him "Chancho" ("pig") because he rarely bathed, something he was rather proud of. What equally struck me was he read the poetry of Pablo Neruda and also wrote poetry (both of the qualities shared with me). He developed an interest in photography so have I. Had I been close we would have been buddies.

All my photographic content is on the net now on I had left the content as it is without modification only to return later with broadband connection. On my visit today I was surprised to see that many people had actually some to my account viewed my pics!!! Man this is encouraging stuff!!! Since I’ve not tagged my photos it’s difficult for an unknown user to find a way to my pics but some definitely have.

Also I added a YouTube link on my blog on the post I wrote in the morning sadly me myself cannot see it due to dial-up connection hope my broadband counterparts will.

To end the chronicles of today’s post lemme tell ya Star Movies must be showing John Travolta starrer Phenomenon which I cannot see bcuz my mom is watching those stupid ad-infinitum soap operas I hope it all ends soon and I can catch the rest of the movie……. Go Mom Go!!!!!!!

Beyone+Shakira = !@#$%&*

TV is a luxury I can afford only at home not at hostel. Since I’ve been home music channel have been playing “Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce feat. Shakira. It was difficult for me to imagine how two singers from such a diverse music style can collaborate. It’s interesting to see how two singers with different styles can come together and produce something as good as "beautiful liar" both vocally and visually. The music video virtually is a visual delight.

The alliance of Beyone and Shakira about a two timing boyfriend is appealing they are both dating the same man but instead of going after each other they leave him alone. The sexy dance moves are alluring enough to keep the attention of male viewers away from drifting. It’s interesting to note how two gifted dancers synergize to create something as spectacular as this music video.

Throughout the music video is mostly dark and smoky providing somewhat a mysterious viewing experience. The music video depicts Beyonce and Shakira both as tough and elegant women. That's a great combination. They are surrounded by smoke water and dark clouds depicting I guess the shadowy state of mind the two women are going through. I can watch the music video multiple times and not get bored.

C’mon its Beyonce and Shakira what else can somebody crave for? As for me I’m hooked.

Beautiful Liar lyrics

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hey Teacher, Leave the kids alone!

Teachers are a rare entity to be loved especially by me. I have all my life been a teacher’s headache; I was the reason for her Disprins. They loved me they hated me some even loved to hate me but in my entire schooling career I was never ignored. Nobody could. Things may be a little different in college here just the other day I was thinking if teachers had served any meaningful purpose in my life except being an object of my mockery and contempt. I finally came up with a list of 4 teachers who DID made a difference in my life and whom I still remember and adore.

Roy Solomon Sir: He was my history teacher in class 9th but I was in contact with him till my class 12th. He was more of a friend to me than a teacher. He had an incredible sense of humor and his talks were deeper only if you could listen carefully. It was a bit of a surprise to me when he met me at examination center of an engineering entrance exam and treated me the same way he always did: by hitting hardly on my back.

McFarland Sir: There has never been anybody like him and never will anybody be like him. He was my English teacher in class 10th. He is currently one of the most loved teachers of the city. I never could outwit him neither could I guess the amount of mammoth knowledge he had. An absolutely incredible communication skill was not the only reason he was so popular he really really listened to you when you spoke. No wonder everyday after class there were always a bunch of kids discussing all their life’s problems with him.

Brijesh Sir: He was my mathematics teacher in class 9th I don’t particularly like math’s teachers but I would here make an exception. Mr. Brijesh was held in awe and respect by all of us. He knew everything about everything he knew why in school we had 2 generators, why was the grass in lawn of particular length, why were our periods of particular duration, why we had earthquakes, why we had mucous membranes in our nose………. Get an idea. Once our English teacher asked us to mimic other teachers. I presented perfect mimicry of Brijesh Sir later to which he remarked “Parv, bahut acchi acting kar lete hai aap…….. It seems to me you are a very good observer.” The best compliment I’ve ever received.

Bhoomika Ma’am: She was my class teacher in class 5th and the amazing thing was that I was as tall as her. Bhoomika ma’am back then when I was still a small kid trusted me. The word TRUST was known to me but it was because of her I came to know what it felt like to be trusted. She gave me enough responsibility and somehow because of her I was such a responsible kid. Sadly I never met her again after she left the school.

This is what i call Electric SHOCK.

Man if I did something really commendable in life was that I didn’t take Electrical Engineering…………………………. Boy the last semester was Satan’s special gift to me I guess. Two “BIJLI” subjects Electrical and Electronics.

Electronics was about semi-conductors…… ass. MOSFET, hybrid parameters and crap like that 5 units to go. Though the paper my relatively easy and I did know the answers so I’ll say “All’s well that ends well.”. Considering that my result is still to be declared I’ll reserve my words. PNP and NPN transistors and amplifiers………… ass.

Electrical ……believe me I would’ve burned the college down if this was my subject for four years. Worse than the Nazi concentration camp, Electrical classes were a complete torture. Bloody Thevnin, Norton and Superposition Theorems ……………………….. Aggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I still have no idea what they were all about. Generators Motors Transformers………..AC machines DC machines…………… contemplating suicide wasn’t all that meaningless.

Alexander The Great said “Hard work Conquers all.” Really ?