Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beyone+Shakira = !@#$%&*

TV is a luxury I can afford only at home not at hostel. Since I’ve been home music channel have been playing “Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce feat. Shakira. It was difficult for me to imagine how two singers from such a diverse music style can collaborate. It’s interesting to see how two singers with different styles can come together and produce something as good as "beautiful liar" both vocally and visually. The music video virtually is a visual delight.

The alliance of Beyone and Shakira about a two timing boyfriend is appealing they are both dating the same man but instead of going after each other they leave him alone. The sexy dance moves are alluring enough to keep the attention of male viewers away from drifting. It’s interesting to note how two gifted dancers synergize to create something as spectacular as this music video.

Throughout the music video is mostly dark and smoky providing somewhat a mysterious viewing experience. The music video depicts Beyonce and Shakira both as tough and elegant women. That's a great combination. They are surrounded by smoke water and dark clouds depicting I guess the shadowy state of mind the two women are going through. I can watch the music video multiple times and not get bored.

C’mon its Beyonce and Shakira what else can somebody crave for? As for me I’m hooked.

Beautiful Liar lyrics

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