Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's been a hard days night!!

Today maybe a just another day but lemme summarize it hoping to make sense of the stuff around. OK here we go …………. Today was the first day I missed my French classes, though not intentionally but mom asked me to put up at home bcuz there was other serious business around. Sigh sigh … I guess it was the first time in my entire life that some class has received so much of attendance by me I was eager to attend every single class before the conclusion of the course.

I Googled around about anti-Christ and trust me I couldn’t stop amusing myself of the funny theories Christians have developed and come to believe that one day “Rapture” would happen. The world is waiting eagerly for the coming of an anti-Christ . . . . Who can believe such stuff???

I also read about Che Guevera my new Hero my new obsession. Amongst the many things I read about him I was very pleased to read about the fact that his school mates used to call him "Chancho" ("pig") because he rarely bathed, something he was rather proud of. What equally struck me was he read the poetry of Pablo Neruda and also wrote poetry (both of the qualities shared with me). He developed an interest in photography so have I. Had I been close we would have been buddies.

All my photographic content is on the net now on I had left the content as it is without modification only to return later with broadband connection. On my visit today I was surprised to see that many people had actually some to my account viewed my pics!!! Man this is encouraging stuff!!! Since I’ve not tagged my photos it’s difficult for an unknown user to find a way to my pics but some definitely have.

Also I added a YouTube link on my blog on the post I wrote in the morning sadly me myself cannot see it due to dial-up connection hope my broadband counterparts will.

To end the chronicles of today’s post lemme tell ya Star Movies must be showing John Travolta starrer Phenomenon which I cannot see bcuz my mom is watching those stupid ad-infinitum soap operas I hope it all ends soon and I can catch the rest of the movie……. Go Mom Go!!!!!!!


suar said...

anti-christ is sure to rise...
and even im fed up of the tv soaps in between the ads(okay, vice versa).. lol..

Parv Kaushik said...

thanks for the visit keep commenting!!!