Monday, June 25, 2007

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Right now as i enjoy my stay at home before the starting of the next semester there's been a lot of time with me. I fortunately had a lot of time to read so here are a few of the books i wish to tell ya i was going thro' they are a mix breed i would say but that's alright.......nevermind:

1.Forrest Gump by Winston Groom: I read Da Vinci Code before i watched the movie and this was the book i read after i watched the movie (starring Tom Hanks). I guess movie was somehow better than the book maybe because i knew beforehand what was going to happen so it kinda took the thrill out of the book.

2.One Night@Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat: Man this was a complete torture to tell ya i couldn't complete the book. Ihad to force myself thro' the book and that "Love Story" really made me fell like chooping Chetan Bhagat to pieces. This was my first encounter with Chetan Bhagat and yes the last one!

3.Holy War Inc. by Peter L. Bergen- This is my darling. Its written by a CNN journalist who interviewed Osama binLaden. The book documents the life of the most famous terrorist of our times and his group Al-Queda. What i liked most about the book was even tho' it's written by an American it presents an unbiased view of everything. I'm loving it.

4.Whey Men Lie And Women Cry by Allan and Barbara Pease: I found this one with one of my friend and it really amuses me to think that a book written on such a common issue as on the differences in male and female personality and their mindset can be so revealing and fun-packed. Men have been hunters since eons and developed mindset akin to their job. Women nurtured and raised family and so their mindset. Gotcha?

5.A Treasure Of Great Poems: This one is hard bound and is thicker than any other book i have read or even thought of reading. Anyway as it turns out it has a collection of poems from almost all major poets and by far is as comprehensive as it can get. It starts from Bible and gradully leads to the timeline and the era's in poetry.........still reading!!!

p.s. the above photograph was taken by me.................

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