Monday, June 25, 2007

My Room My World

I've living in my room for so much time now that i guess i have grown attached to it. The same walls the same windows have seen me and i've seen them. Don’t think i'm insane but it's my pretty little cave i take refuge in. This pretty room of mine is my world. Leave me in and don’t bother me i'm in my own proper atmosphere.

Sometimes i guess i have been developing anti-social tendencies…hey I ain’t a nerd but I ain’t happy surrounded by too many people either it’s difficult for me to hold long conversations cuz often enough I slip back mentally into my own mental state.

Back to the room it’s sad I live in hostel now I really miss my room so much I’m so “attached” to it kinda feels awkward to be there between a new set of parallel walls but then they are what they are: Walls.

But maybe it’s good I guess. I don’t keep memories in my mind I have absolutely no use of the past as I leave my little cave all that “has been” no longer exists for me now. New rooms mean the independence to start all over again. Its like facing a blank page you have the independence now to write a new story........... in that case it's a blessing.


jack frost said...

the last before line sounded nice. infact its true pertaining to one's psyche.
"New rooms mean the independence to start all over again."
its a good way of changing urself n feeling fresh n new.

Parv Kaushik said...

thnx jack change i believe is the only constant in life