Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A brief moment ago
I glimpsed a pregnant lady
A woman on a journey to be a 'Mother'
A transformation, a reincarnation
The pregnant lady was elegant
Carrying in her seed of mankind
I looked at her wondering

'If she was a single person;
or there were two of 'em?'

She was a coalescence of two bodies,
In her she bore the future of humanity
The ultimate cosmic union of 'em
A carrier of divine spark, divine reality
Midway between a Woman and a Mother
Mother-baby communion with one another

Mother- is the source of us all
I reject the belief of masculine God
God has to be a Mother

Mother by her very nature can't be human
She's a divine being nurturing us all.

p.s. the above painting is by the iconic painter Raja Ravi Varma