Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kalpana Loves Ghajini!

His ruff and tuff looks
His fiery eyes
His Gujjar accent
His bappi da's 'sone' ka style
His macho goons
His blacker than black shirt-pant combo
His sinister ways and evil deeds
His big-owned factories
His hairline receeds
He's tall dark and handsome
He's all I ever dreamed of love
He'll buy me 3 ambassadors
He'll get me modelling contracts
He'll be my Salem i'll be his Monica
He's a darling, My charming sight
He's tough as a bull
He hits enemies with iron rods (in full delight)
I used to hate him, I luv him now
He was angry, he was a foe
I blew the lid off his girl racket (oops!)
He touched my heart with his angst look
He changed my mind with his iron rod
He turned my bf to memory freak
Ghajini- my man, my new boyfriend!
Sorry Sanjay,  keep the med student  
Choosing Ghajju is much more prudent!