Friday, June 12, 2009

GB Road- The Sin Road

A night I was in New Delhi
A night alone with street lights
With heavy traffic and begging lunatics.
New Delhi Railway Station- My destination
Standing alone at "Ajmeri Gate Side"
Lightning up my cigarette to kill time
A full 3 hours to board my train
Alone with a thousand thoughts stranded.  

I decided to take a walk
A walk to a destination most infamous
Whose trail was learned from a friend.
With empty mind and no desires
I risked the custom and my reputation
Character after all is a cage.
GB Road was the disgraced address
Delhi's home to pimps and whores.

I walked a walk a lonely walk
Knowing not what to expect.

What would be it like to take a walk
Through the sin road of sinister souls
Would I lose my rational mind?
Would i forgo my repute and character?
And yield to the bodily temptations?
I had to find out, I had to go.

Through the traffic I made my way
Walking slowly, consciously to my destination
I knew I was on the right path.
For I saw girls - faces covered with cloth
In the rickshaws, on the bike's backseat
Faceless anonymous bodies cruising through.

Old lurid & rickety structure welcomed me
There I was in plenitude of dissolution
My heart beated albeit slowly, heavily.
As if to make a complete mockery of law
A police station right across the street.
'Plum Posting' it must be, I said to me.

A feeling of pervasive suffocation enveloped me
Behind the shady windows of buildings stood Whores 
"Whores" I said to myself in shock and rant
"Whores" with little more than their bras on them
Stood behind the heavy iron grills of the windows
Signalling me, Gesturing me, pinpointing me, to come
"Whores" behind their 'grills' -euphemism for jail bars
"Whores" ready to sell their body for anyone & everyone

And then my eyes locked upon a window
A 12 yr old or so little girl gesturing me.
A spectacular human tragedy of which
I was the audience with front row seats.
Suffocation filled me, I couldn't breathe
I needed to get outta there else i vomit.

Rebellion and Revolt struck my mind
Little mind of me unable to comprehend
Unable to decipher the question 'Why?'
Never had I imagined such a painful sight,
I wanted to scream, wail and cry all night
I was helpless and hopeless that night.  


Anonymous said...

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Bill Austin

Priya said...

That was fantastic Kaushik. Very true and girls are treated a piece of meat. But they are not born that way, but made into them. If they escape society never forgives or respects them and they go back the same place.Man is a social animal and behavior never changes.

Sigh.. for the twelve year old girl who is a child behind the cages not knowing about life...

Anukriti Sharma said...

This made me cry!! beautifully written! ur best post acc. to me! keep penning! u deserve the blog of the day award!
way to go mate!
all the best
wud love to read more

Anonymous said...

OMG, that was so heart-rending! Childhood is a right...not a privilege...and it must NOT be snatched away from anyone!
Keep writing!

richa said...

ummm as usual ur good contrary to my expectations... and yes its the most heartfelt thing u hv written.... keep it up and haan rub some of this onto me also

Anonymous said...

Excellent work.Have been reading your blog for sometime.Original,Thoughtful and poetic.Keep it up !

Good to know that you are from Lucknow.Me too from there.

Have added you to my " I follow" list.

Devika said...

Very well said, Parv and And in Delhi, like in many other metro cities...I don't think whores are limited to GB Road!

While working I came to know many in the corporate world many do it as a part of their job...promotions, would, after your studies will come to know of that world too...if you happen to work in Delhi....

its not that all women executives are so...but some of them who are really make it difficult for others..

sorry, not to hurt any sentiments...or pinpoint a class -- but that was reality I faced in Delhi's offices...


Krishanu said...

Che Che Che...

Naughty, naughty, you will get caughty...!

Jest, yaar. But it's a bit off-track. It's good, really good. But still-

How old were you then?

Parv Kaushik said...

@Bill this is cool! thank u so much!

Parv Kaushik said...

@priya this is by far the longest and the most encouraging cmmnt i hav recieved from you! thnk u soo much the poem had had an effect on you!!

yess u r soo right the same society which exploited her will never accept her back... tht is the irony of the world we live in!

Parv Kaushik said...

@Anukriti thnk u buddy tht was pretty encouraging!! glad u liked it!! your words matter a ton! it was a piece of bitter reality i tasted!

Parv Kaushik said...

@writerzblock yes tht was soo true! childhood is a right... welcome here!

keep visiting!

Parv Kaushik said...

@richa hahaha! thnk u!! glad u speak your heart out... u can b diplomatic with the rest of the world! newez thnx for the cmmnt and as thou said will be rubbed onto you!

Parv Kaushik said...

@aahang this was so nice of you! thnk you fr adding me to your list! and yes lucknow is the city tht lives in me tho m no longer living in it!

hope you keep dropping by and keep reading!

Parv Kaushik said...

@Devika feels so good you are back.. have been checking your blogs and sadly couldnt comment... but i really like the poems you have been posting has sent a inferiority complex in me!!


yes u r right about Delhi... i wonder how will i react when i find such stuff around me??? may be at the end of the day i'll write a poem and let out the hopelessness and despair!! wht say??

till then... i'll keep my weird stuff rolling!

Parv Kaushik said...

@krishanu yes its offbeat and so unlike me i was actually in shivers running down my spine after uploading such a poem!! i wondered about the people reaction but so far so good!

i was 20 then buddy...!

Krishanu said...

And how old are you now?

lafemmereva said...

and is that by choice or chance that they are who they are!! :)

Parv Kaushik said...

@krishanu m 22 now buddy!

Parv Kaushik said...

@lafemmereva i think its both!!! what do u think?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I too heard of that infamous place and out of curiousity decided to go up one of those dark brothels. It was a sickly sight and I think no man in his right mind will be aroused by such a misery. A girl barely 16 or 17 offered her services to me an start pulling me. I really felt like vomitting and rushed back to the street. I think it is a disgrace to our society to allow this form of human slavery.