Friday, September 11, 2009

The Girl With Polio

I see this girl in my college everyday
She's the one with polio and a walker tray
Each small step for her is a long journey
How slowly she passes corridor you must see

Still no hint of self-pity or apathy on face
Just some innocence and smiling grace
I look at her and wonder how she feel
People swiftly passing her so mobile
Jumping, running and brisk walking
But then she always has one friend
With whom all her time is spend

I pass through corridor and see the duo
Side by side at all times, in no hurry to go
The friend i swear is smart and beautiful
But I look at her, she's so simple and lovely
Like a guardian angel always with her only
They share a bond so deep it can only be felt
I feel it everytime I see them together and melt
She has all the patience to walk slowly, I dwell!

I kept observing and looking for them everyday
I noticed how the Polio girl smiled for her friend
A smile so true it gets beneath your skin for good
A smile so true in a world of fake ones is a sunshine
Her friend could have been making many friends
Running and howling in the corridors and fields
For some reasons angelic she acted as her shield!

I see them and mentally bless them both
I feel like an elder witnessing two nice souls
So much love i see, Oh God! bless me
I intent daily to go and talk to them
May be smile as I pass and say Hi!
Tell the polio girl it's OK and I care
And then turn around to her friend
Tell her I notice and see her everyday
Due to you I know what's 'Good Karma'!