Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eight Blood Siblings

Just 13 Billion years ago
Our Milky Way was born
And 4.6 Billion years ago
Hydrogen & Helium condensed
With some solid dust particles
Molecular cloud condensed in itself
And our very own Sun took birth
Eight planets were hence formed
Trapped in orbits by gravity
Eight blood siblings tied by fate

If any of the eight siblings is moved
Our Solar System will falter
Such gravitational forces are at play
When our earth spins, it wobbles
Moon's gravity damps that yet
It moves away 3.8 cm/yr from us
Even the sun will die one day
6 Billion years from today

Our neighboring galaxy Andromeda
And 280 alien Solar Systems
Have been found out by us
May be we have friends on one
Universe' mysteries are ad infinitum.