Friday, October 09, 2009

If You Are Rich I'm Single!

I was checking this girl for a while
She used to pass and give me smile
I dreamed of making her mine
And one day proposed her in no time
She asked if her expenses i could afford
I smiled faintly and replied 'No'
'Don't waste my time please Go'

I had another girl in my mind
On whom I had laid on my sight
She'll love me she's so sweet & kind
To propose her next would be right
She asked me what car I drive
I said I was planning for a Nano
'Don't waste my time please Go'

Optimist me, I chose to re-attempt
A girl whose generosity knew no ends
She asked if I could gift diamond rings?
I said 'Your imagination has wings'
Can you take me daily to disco?
What happens there I don't even know
'Don't waste my time please Go'