Monday, July 20, 2009

Rs. 12 Ice Cream And An Observing Eye

His tattered school bag
His uniform torn to rags
Wearing discarded hawai slipper
Ambitious eye with spark glitter

Trodding back from his slum school
Carrying a 12Rs. treasure in a spool
Walking past candy shops and cold-drink stalls
He knew he didn't belong to slum walls

He went to the posh upmarket bazaar
One with flashy cars outside many bars
He observed with a keen eye
Entered McD without a sigh

He went straight to place the order
Armed with cheapest Ice Cream he did wander
Studied everyone with a spy-eye
Scrutinised & beholded everything inside

"Why are these people so richie?
What makes them so bewitching?
Why am I so poor and worthless?
These things one day I'll possess."

Stealthily he moved alert as bee
All awhile silent and complete
Confident and somewhat arrogant
His empty pocket still did haunt.

A rage for success burning inside
Outside calm & peace bona fide
Alone & reserved all the while
'Winner Stands Alone' the saying is wise

p.s. it just so happened that a friend of mine told me that once Dhirubhai Ambani earned 12 Rs. and went to drink tea at a place where rich people dined. his intention was to know how rich people act and what do they do. The next day i spotted this kid in McD who was there with this 12Rs. Ice Cream (the cheapest eatable in McD) roaming around and with an observing eye!!