Monday, August 24, 2009

I Need A Miracle

My face covered with sweat
I'm so dizzy
The Heat by all accounts
Is not funny
A clean sky haunts my eye
Some obscure farmer ends his life
Sun has no mercy for the meek
Even the strong admit total defeat
I cry to rain God for some relief
This drought sends more grief

A dal for 100 rs. per kg
Judgement day i can foresee
For sin aplenty we are punished
Our coffins getting burnished
I wail.. I scream.. I cry aloud..
The government before God has bowed
They sit with their faces proud
High up in power corridors on clouds
How many will sleep hungry tonight,
And how many will party overnight?

I need an answer I need a miracle
Jokes Rain God's playing isn't satirical
When idiots sit in authority of humanity
When vanity overpowers their sanity
Will they help that obscure dead farmer,
Or will they keep dancing to wealthy charmers?
Big politicians feed us their daily lies
Will they ever care to hear our cries?
I need an answer I need a miracle
I need someone to answer my prayers.