Saturday, July 03, 2010

Guest Post 'What Women Want?' By Priya

If you can watch a flower bloom, so is a woman.Just as a flower born in this earth, every step of hers (woman) is wanted in many ways. A woman as "SHE" beholds in her to be powerful, strong and trustful. She accepts being a woman and remains to live in the beauty of herself by loving her body, mind and soul.

She takes pride in knowing herself through those mirrors which reflects her wants of acceptance and kindness. She stands tall in every occasion where she has to fight for herself being a girl, education or job or even marriage. She remains an invisible act of tolerance to win the hearts of people to emerge into the society filled with foxes.

She wakes up to think "all that she wants" is a life filled with good people( friends) and not egoistic and demanding which can bring or make her negative towards the society or family. She or Her wants are unlimited, but its the "trust" which she expects in every step of her success. Here trust can also be in the name of "respect" where she aspires to do her roles in a way she likes than over protection or aggressiveness.

Every woman is different, but all woman's wants are special attention, affection, trust in the name of security and her own needs of freedom and solitude in her life as her heart longs and loves to be that way. Wants are so vast even to  fill the gap but its the mind which makes her want to get or go for it. As a woman, her wants can be growing like a flower, who can understand and love her back for who she is than who she will be. Acceptance of being a woman is all what she wants.

Original post has been written by Priya and it can be found here.

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