Friday, May 24, 2013

Socio-Economic Analysis of Today's Female Generation

First things first. I don’t think “Pyaar ka Punchnaama” was a movie in the real sense, it was a documentary. A soul stirring, tear inducing, emotionally disturbing true story of the young men of our generation. The movie has nothing that you can call “exaggeration” or “inspired by true events” the movie itself is “true events”. I earnestly hope/dream/desire that in near future the movie will be shown by parents/schools/colleges to the young men entering the delicate stages of live for saving them their “emotional attayachar” which all varieties of women might put them through. Mark my words one day the parents will force their sons to ratto-fy the dialogues of the movie verbatim.

One of my movie-buff childhood friends “Dozer” did a little bit research on the movie and came out with astounding results. As per his account the above-mentioned movie was very poorly reviewed by ALL women movie-critics (of course who’ll like their secrets to be out like this so publicly). I believe Dozer completely for his interest in movie-critics is more than the movies themselves (his own dream of being a movie-critic bite the dust, sadly) You are open to contest the above claim and I’m open to edit this article if you think otherwise.

Dozer and I were having deep philosophical discussions about the socio-economic evolution of Indian females of our generation (which we have been doing since childhood). When we compiled the data of the females of our environment we came to a conclusion that the social development of Indian women has been proceeding in a strikingly similar fashion. Girl’s are suddenly finding virtues in night outs, being cool by all means, being too much extrovert and flirting with guys, weekend trips to exotic places; drinking/smoking, long bike trips/long drives and other some issues not fit for description here. (So before you think I’m propounding Taliban style Shariat Law for women illuminating high moral standards and degrading the nayi nari- you got me all wrong. I’m all for “open women” you know for obvious reasons. Imagine being born in India of 1960s- I’d so prefer to die.)

The one movie whose dialogues have been ratto-fied by almost every girl in India is of Kareena Kapoor’s character Geet in “Jab We Met” (personal experience so no contesting this claim at all). So much so that when a friend showed me a video he had made of his girlfriend (no it’s not that type- you filthy naughty minds) it was of a girl mimicking in exact same way the dialogues of Kareena Kapoor from the movie- the whole dialogue with expressions and exact same voice modulation presented before me by an unknown female- an act I have seen duplicated in the women of my generation. After this movie a series of movies came (or may be some before that- don’t hound me on timeline I’m not much of movie chronicler like Dozer). But look at all these successful movies Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Naa, Break ke Baad and many many others. (I should call Dozer now to get the list we discussed).

All these movies portray men as some really nice, cute, dormant kind of person dominated by wild, devil-may-care, I-don’t-care-for-society’s-status-quo kind of women and then the girls start believing “OMG That’s me! Let’s go party!”. So the women of our generation have found their role models (thank God it was not Sunny Leone!) in Kareena Kapoor’s portrayal of Geet and like characters in other movies. So far so good. So what am I exactly cribbing against?

Nothing has changed for boys of our generation. 

In fact for men the status quo has remained the same since the Stone Age, may be it has got even worse than that taking into account the screwed-up sex ratio in our country. The best hunters and gatherers well – “get the women” for they can provide them with food and security. Look at it now it’s still pretty much the same.
Boys still have to study (hard) to get good grades to be able to make an impression on girls in schools, then you get into a place called girl-is-in-future-after-this mode. The lies you tell yourself then are:

Lie 1:   I’ll get good grades in boards I’ll impress girls prove to be a good hunter (capable of providing them with food, shelter and security in future) and then get a super hot girlfriend.

Lie 2:   I’ll get into good engineering college- proof that my future is bright and secure and then I’ll find a hot girlfriend.

Lie 3:   I’ll get a high paying job proving my hunting skills are good not only in Counter Strike but in real life too and then I’ll find a good looking girlfriend.

Lie 4:   I’ll get into a mind-fucking-blowing MBA college which has best marketed it’s highest salary package and hence my superior hunting skills I have inherited from my fore-fathers will shine brightly in all it’s glory and then in the glory of my awesomeness I’ll find a girlfriend. You know any girlfriend. This is the break-up season; I’ll hunt on newly single girls.

Supreme Truth:         Beta tumhare liye hamare gaon waali Champa ka rishta aaya hain. Suna hain BA pass hain aur khaana bahut badiya banaati hain. Ab toh teri naukri lag gyi hain aa teri shaadi kara doon.

Well unless your father worked hard to crack the IAS exam, or started a business empire, headed a criminal gang, was involved in a Scam et al; for a general category student life is tough and getting a girlfriend tougher. Amen!   


Richa Singh said...

loved it!!!soul stirring... for all. the humour is all pervading in here. And yes dont judge girls on such things its not like u can survive without us :D :D

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

The Supreme Truth was the ultimate! Just add "aur apni hi caste ki" before "Champa"... and you've got the perfect picture of Indian matrimony scene! Superb! Good to see you back dude! :)

Parv Kaushik said...

@richa singh yes thts the arrogance i'm talking about.. all this you can't survive without us mindset.. we need a gender revolution.. seriously :P

Parv Kaushik said...

@kaddu so good to have you here too.. old memories revived!!! and yeah you said that right hamari caste ki nd doosre gotra ki... caste and sub caste both have to be correct!!