Saturday, April 21, 2007

Butterfly Effect

Ari disconnected the call. He couldn't speak further. His voice was choking. This he knew was the last-ever call from Nikita.The conversation was more of a monologue of Nikita than a two-wat communication. Her words passed into his ears as a dagger would pierce his flesh. The phone dropped from his hand and so his world.

His whole world crashed. Not even tears could flow in his eyes. The tears were too minute an expression to the sadnees he had encountered.He now knew what death was.Inside him everything fell silent, not even a thought moved.He had lost the power to think.Something was missing, rather almost everything was missing.She was the only reason he was, she was all his reasons.

He didn't want the whole world, there was no place he'd rather want than a little place in her heart. Just a little. He wanted to faint and wake up and be told that it was a very very bad dream. Unfortunately it was all so real.

Ari's chest turned into a store-house of pain, the infinte source of love had now turned into a pain producing machine. The very cliff feeling, that he was loved- that he was accepted made him feel that he could conquer the world, was gone.

Tears started rolling down his cheeks. Ari was a person who never frowned but now here he was breaking down. He screamed once, twice............. for an hour. Hysterical wails which would have even scared the beasts. A strong sensation of pain filled all the nerves of his brain. It was more maddening than madness. He was madness personified.

He ran towards his closet, unlocked it, only to find the gifts and cards Nikita had presented her. He took the cards and burned them down with his lighter. The cards and letters were his life's most precious possessions, not anymore.He then took out a small statue of two angels hugging each other in a deep moment of love, he flung the statue towards the wall with a strong hand. The statue broke to pieces a million pieces that scattered on the ground.

He was mad or madness was him was anybody's guess. If he could he would have burned the whole world.There was a whirlwind inside his head.It's only a matter of time when every bit and byte of tour "true eternal" love transforms into hate. Ari discovered.

It was a crucification and a resurrection for Ari. He lost all hope. He now knew that losing all hope was freedom . And then...... something happened, he let go. Lost in oblivion-dark and silent and complete , he found freedom.

Its only after we have lost everything that we're free to do anything.

A death turned out to be a rebirth. As if all this has been the birth pangs of a birth of a new child. He wondered if Nikita had even an iota of idea of what he was going through.................

ok i am too tired now cant write anymore the rest of the stori goes lik this:
ari turns psycho-kills nikita-goes to jail-meets new criminals-joins a gang-rules the underworld-finally gets encountered...... a nice normal guys turned into a mafia.

They call this Butterfly Effect. It says that something as small as a flutter of a butterfly can cause a typhoon in another part of the world.

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