Saturday, April 07, 2007

Love The Sinner

Look at the face of the fellas
Look how he looks jealous,
I’m really really the centre of the fuss
God isn’t just,
I have everything you are a carcass.
Got it baby
So now hating me is a must
God’s busy and I won’t help you
Gotta go fellas find a shelter soon,
I’m your devil with a spoon
Hate me fellas
My heart gives a Boom.

You love him, you hate him
You love to hate him,
I have in plenty what you’re chasing
Blame me for what you’re facing.

Hate me, Berate me, Vilify me
Go spread some rumor
I am as lovely as your own tumor
Ha! Ha! I got a better sense of humor.
You only know a thing about me
And you hate me so much,
If I tell you all about me
Which dagger will you be using then?
You want to create a fight scene?
I’ve got joie de vivre
I have got a good side u won’t be seeing.

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