Monday, April 06, 2009

Guest Post... 'Greater Noida' By Rimjhim Varma

Wide roads, huge crossroads
reproducing pigeons and no crows 
extreme weather, strong sunrays 
lots of wind and blue cold days 
green belts innumerous
beside the largest gutters
apartments like mushrooms
all or the other
there are no people, except the native
but its a question of years, just four or five 
we've been living here and we'll be more
and we've been loving it and we'll do more 
to watch a city grow
with yourself along
is oh so cherishable
but also oh so long
we'll be gone in an year
but you won't stop to grow 
and thats how we'll love
and we'll love you so...... BY-RIMJHIM VARMA


Anonymous said...

i like your blog;)

have a nice day:)


Devika said...

Nice one, Rimjhim
and a nice name :)


Parv Kaushik said...

@mariana thnk u and keep visiting!

Parv Kaushik said...

@devika thnk u.. will convey ur msg... lolzzzz!