Thursday, March 03, 2011

Some Truths

Friends, fellow bloggers, fans, ladies, casual visitors, earthlings, space aliens, zombies, and netizens you are all welcome here... today hereby I welcome whole heartedly with open arms and open dakshina-daans (charity box) here to today’s sermon that might give you some spiritual, religious orgasm you might have visions of enlightenment so don’t be afraid just let go and take deep breaths.. I hereby declare that the following potentially life changing flow of words can alter the trajectory of your life and transport to the super expressway of everlasting happiness, super mind-boggling success, inner peace and everything under the sun other Gurus, cults, religions, books have been promising.. So here we go:

  1. 1.    So you always have been trusting your feelings? You have known it in the past and you know it now that feelings the “inner gut” feeling is what makes you take your decisions and its these feelings that appear to be so relevant and prevalent yet so mysterious and undefined. I have realised that subconscious thoughts are the building blocks of the feelings. The thoughts that go through your head day in and day out ultimately subdue into subconscious and result in form of feelings we have toward a person or situation.
  2.   Is Is it music or is it noise? I have been around a lot of people who treat music as a background score. The music keeps playing with higher and higher volume in the background and people are busy in their own work. I strongly resent such attitude for in such manner people convert music into noise just to block out the emptiness in their head they are not ready to face their own thoughts and hence the noise to block out all type of thoughts and emotions and feeling.
  3. 3.       Death is around the corner. Yes it’s true as I contemplate my own mortality and become aware that I may die any moment it drives me to better utilize my time and achieve my goals. Usually in the daily chores we forget about the life’s clock tickling and forget all about the death but the more you think about it the more you’ll be focused on the things in life that really matter after all.
  4. 4.       “I’m at peace with myself” this is probably the best and the most meaningful thing you can say to yourself. You have to be at peace with what you are or have right now this very very moment not after to reach that position or get that new object of desire. Being at peace with yourself is probably the best thing that you can do to yourself.
  5. 5.       Emptiness is not ugly. Emptiness is when you let go of past, of future of guilts and of expectations. There are too many life gurus in the market the only simple path is to give up your mind’s complexity and be simple, be frugal, be empty.

Thus Spake Parv. Little things in life can offer a paradigm shift to your future sometimes.  


DuDo said...

Hey bro good set of "Philosophical Mantras"... I loved emptiness is not ugly the most... :) So true... its never ugly... Secondly Peace with myself is so true... you must live the present in peace and forget all your worries and move forward...

Priya said...

1. Good for you.

2. Loud music is something ppl' think as a fashion show off but it can make u deaf pretty early in later age.

3. Its not in our hands.

4. Good and it shows u r well construct.

5. Emptiness is necessary in life to wash out things and sometimes to fill good old memories.