Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fairest Love

To smell the fragrance of Godly union of souls

To hear the 'til death do us part' vows

To see two people but one life before them

To taste the nectar of fairest love from heaven

To touch the universe two souls possess together

Saarah and Yasir request your presence to shower your blessings on this sacrosanct matrimony.

* written for my dear dear friend Saarah. May God bless you both!


Anukriti Sharma said...

Beautiful lines... Appeals to the five senses... gratifies the soul... Touching... Marriages are made in heaven... and this post has a enbraced a little heaven through the pen of its writer. Congratulations Saarah... God bless you.
Parv, you are a crafter of words... An artist who paints life through words. Hats off my B(u)oy!

Saarah said...

Thank you Anukriti ....and
Parv.....thank you for the most precious gift :)... the words are engraved on my heart ..