Saturday, April 14, 2012

Turning A Kid Again And Indian Comics Industry

To turn a kid again, innocent, simpler in this convoluted consumerist world is nothing short of a miracle. The mind now filled with thoughts, desires, regrets, past, future. It is difficult to push them aside and remember "I'm not my thoughts, I'm not my desires, I'm not my Mind"

Lately I have been a kid again - reading comics, playing video games, watching cartoons (from chotta bheem to  fullmetal alchemist) reading YA stories.

Vimanika Comics

Buying comics (indian and western) & graphic novels (indian, manga, DC) is no kid's play. I'm sure kids today can't afford these comics with their pocket money even if it's adjusted with inflation!! Maybe they can if they their father is a 2G Raja or they inherited a fortune as vast as Uncle Scrooge or Richie Rich.

Vimanika, Jump10, Campfire, Pop Culture Publishing, Raj Comics, Amar Chitra Katha, Holy Cow, Top Cow, Virgin Comics, DC, Marvel, Manga. I have been laying my hands on every kind of comics/Graphic novels I can lay my hands on. But at last the days of Indian comic industry look as bright as the sun shines on a clear day in mid-June over Delhi (The city which recently hosted the ComicCon India) at 02 00 PM. The only dark cloud that might come floating by is the 'Price Tag' of some of the comics and DC/Marvel graphic novels which might eclipse the bright sunshine but then these comics are also for adults like me.

a cutout at ComicCon delhi

It's not that the price deters people like me from buying but usually it's the new customers/fan who'd like to give it a shot but give it up after seeing the price tag. The comics to be successful has to reach the masses creating a cult like following.

The quality of the Indian comics(except some)  is undeniably at par with the west. The story line, the art, the concepts, the details, all is worth spending your time and money on. I have stumped to see how the Comic-industry in India has risen from the ashes re-inventing itself. Most of them borrowing from our own mythology but then we are the country of original superheroes. Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Hanuman and kick ass bad guys and monsters. We just need not to invent them!!

The disappointment however for me has been Raj Comics which after all these years have failed to move on the next level. More on this well another time.

Read comics. Support the talented Indian artists.


Shalu Sharma said...

I love Indian comics.

Saumya Mathur said...

iam saumya, an intern with Actimedia PR pvt ltd. on my search for graphic nolvel bloggers, o happened to come across you blog. I was wondering if you could prode me with you contact number or your email id so that I could speak to u in details regarding out client "Graphic India".
Please reply as soon as possible.

saumya- intern, Actimedia PR (Bangalore)

Parv Kaushik said...
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Parv Kaushik said...

Hi Saumya,

My email is and my number is 8500494017.