Thursday, August 03, 2006


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Rajat Agarwal said...

Wow, I never knew there was such an angle to it. I thought just some carelessness on the part of security. Thanks for the insight!

yogita khatwani said...

NO THIS IS NOT TRUE i did buy a car with my savings and some amount was paid by my first family.
and to tell u i belong to upper middle class family.i went for flying becoz every gurl has dreams of flying no female in my family is allowed to work .i have been lucky enough to get into it.

We r really innocent what do u think if we were criminals we wld have have been left out like this.
the case is still goin on and we dont miss even a single hiring.
we r marriageable age
its easy to talk .u know what have we been through these many years .we belong to conservative family we were grounded not allowed to move out of house by our parents .
Imagine we r suffering for something which we have not done.
we r indians born and bought up in india this is where our life is .
and we love our PM manmohan singh he is a fatherly figure to us .
please dont say things which u dont even know

Anonymous said...

I suspect two girls were call girls and that guy with them was a pimp. HTnk of this :

1) Girls were airhostesses who were thrown out of their job cause of so called alchohol issues.( There has to be more then that...)

2) Where did yogita get the funds to buy the car ?

3) What were they doing with the ac meachanic ??? MEchanic had told his family he was going to meet a client . That proves he was a pimp and those two girls ( Yogita Khatwani and Veena chaudhary)were the high profile call girls.

There are two many things that supports my doubts.