Monday, August 14, 2006


So far so if I have found any religion close to Hinduism its Judaism. Both the religions have faced the threat of extinction but have survived and thrived like a flickering flame in the wind. Hinduism and Judaism are the only two religions in the world that do not preach conversion. Both do not guarantee wild-card entry to heaven based solely on the membership of their religion (as in Christianity and Islam) and rather put the onus squarely on the person’s deeds and conduct. Both do not bury their dead Judaism treats the dead body as impure and the body is left for vultures to eat and decay. Hindus burns the dead body. Both are still fighting a fight for survival against terrorism.

The typical Jewish stereotype overlaps quite neatly with the “baniya” stereotype no wonder that most of the businessmen in India are either Jew or baniya e.g. Ratan Tata (a Jew) , Sunil Mittal and Lakshi Mittal (both baniya) .

Both religions have faced the holocaust - Jews in the hands of Hitler and Hindus in the hands of Arab invaders (e.g. Feroz Shah). In fact the very word Hindukush (of the Hindukush pass which was the route of Arab invaders and connected India and Afghanistan) means “slaughter of Hindus”. Both Judaism and Hinduism are ancient religions with ancient languages (Hebrew and Sanskrit respectively).

India and Israel today are fighting same set of problems the similarity of their religious history represents a beautiful opportunity for collaboration and sharing.

The final nail in the coffin--JESUS was a Jew and BUDDHA a Hindu!!!!!!!

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