Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My shoe-size reaches 12+ !!!!!

Finally folks my shoe-size has touched 12+!!! My last pair of sports shoes had to be called in from Delhi ( the size i was lookin for could be found only in delhi and punjab) and becouse i need a broad front edge of the shoe its really hard to find a shoe that comfartably fits me.
Last time when i bought black school-shoes the Bata shopkeeper told me that he had only three shoes of the size that suited me and he was the only one to keep stock of such shoes in whole U P!!!!!
This time again after a couple of shoes i finally could find a sports-shoe which DID fit me. This really is a miracle that i could the shoe of my size in this very own apna-lucknow. Malls really are a revolution atleast for my XXL legs.

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