Friday, August 11, 2006

DEATH: The ultimate destination

Death is the ultimate reality in life the rich man dies the poor man dies the wise dies the foolish dies the doctor dies the patient dies ultimately you gonna die and me gonna die. Death also echoes the mortality of our affections that life is short, as is the proud beauty of a woman, and encourages us to consider them more carefully.

Life is a journey towards death the moment you are born your death also starts approaching. Death is always close by. It is almost like your shadow. Life cannot exist without death; neither can death exist without life.

Death is always portrayed as something negative something “bad” or even “evil” lets explore the phenomenon of death a little closely:

"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn
has come." --Rabindranath Tagore.
The fear of death is nurtured by the Mind. Our minds have an insane desire: we want only life and not death. Our Mind is attached too much to outer things and is afraid of the void death will create. Death will take away all your knowledge, hopes, memories, desires, dreams, imagination, all that you have carried all along will be thrown away but you are so attached to it- your body, your knowledge, your social rapport you are identified so much to it that the very idea of death shakes you to the very foundation. Sample this:

I think people believe in heaven because they don't like the idea of dying,
because they want to carry on living and they don't like the idea that other
people will move into their house and turn their things into rubbish.

-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon
Just as in the morning you wake up and the dream life is finished, one day in death you wake up into another reality and all that was real up to then – for seventy years – becomes just a dream. If there is no death there will be no life. Awareness of death is what prompted the Buddha to perceive the ultimate futility of worldly concerns and pleasures. Death is not scary at all it is nature’s wake-up call to everyone.

"Eat healthy, exercise daily, you still die"


jaya006 said...

grt thoughts.....puts our thinking about death in a new perspective.....
kafi deep thoughts hain .......grt writing..keep up the good wrk

innocent said...

padha nahi par accha hoga

sumit said...

Bahut philosophical hai......... a you thrown light and shown things from a unique perspective on the dreaded subject of DEATH.