Sunday, January 07, 2007

Product Review: Motorola V3i RAZR

Nokia is passé now everyone has it and for some unknown reasons me and Nokia don’t share amicable relationship so after using Panasonic, Ericsson and finally Sony-Ericsson phones I was in for Motorola and its ultimate sleek product “V3i RAZR” .The phone didn’t fire a hole in my pocket with just about 10,850 bugs but the features measure up to it.

I really live this phone given the features it provides. Here take a look I got a leather case, 256 MB memory card, USB cable, headphones all FREE with the set. Unfortunately the cheaper set now (which stands at 9,499 I guess) doesn’t give you free leather jacket and gives only 128 MB card. The phone has a pretty big screen and also a good quality video and still image transmission which makes image and video viewing a pleasant experience. I have seen quality of transmission of other phones and I was pleased to find its quality better than others even N70.

CAMERA: It gives you 1.3 mega pixel camera which is definitely up to the mark the only shot in the arm is it doesn’t give you flash and pretty cool frames. It only matters little given I have been doubling my phone as a digi-cam clicking day and night and now I have pretty cool collection to put them on the internet and thanks to Motorola viewing those pics on the phone itself doesn’t hurt .

MUSIC: With Nokia and Sony Ericsson aggressively selling phones doubling as an i-pod RAZR doesn’t disappoint u here. 256 MB memory card is enough for 50-60 songs which u can listen on your free head phones. OK u can’t really compare it to an i-pod but certainly it will quench your thirst for music.

LOOKS: Baby even DON has it then who says phone doesn’t have style? The phone definitely amplifies POWER for it clearly gives an impression of a no-nonsense person and it does attract attention for it’s the cynosure of all eyes – take my word for it!!!

DOWNSIDE: Bluetooth transmission Nokia is a clear winner here for while transmitting a song via Bluetooth through Motorola you can catch a nap and still find the transmission in progress I really wish Motorola to improve upon this one and also the phone doesn’t have a radio which hurts.

Finally as an owner and a proud one I would strongly recommend this phone if you are buying this one for this phone will certainly not disappoint you.

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