Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Saw a movie just now

Just went in to “see” I see U alone! I coaxed and pleaded everyone if only I could find a partner to this movie but it was all in vain finally I could hold the desire no longer in my heart and darted alone. I could only “see” 3 people across the whole length and breadth of the seating matrix. I quietly took a seat strategically placed to have the best view of the screen. It was only after a short educational film, two movie promos, a Zen and a Pepsi ad later that people started coming in, I saw one of my ex-classmate walk in with her parents. My worst fears came true, all but one thought had prevented me from seeing the movie alone - what if an acquaintance sees me? Will he/she mock me? Or will he pity me?

The horrors came alive then but I kept a low profile and I think all-in-all I wasn’t noticed anyway but that’s quite improbable considering the 6’3” frame I live in but to keep it easy let’s assume no-one noticed and even if I was noticed I really don’t care.

OK if you have read so far its quite probable that you want to hear about the movie rather then swallow all the incessant babble of my mind. The movie well I kinda enjoyed it, did had the element of surprise in it. Arjun Rampal (as Raj) doesn’t disappoint you. The movie is entirely based in London (reminds me of Naina) Chunky Pandey, Boman Irani have done a fine job and don’t let u down. There’s NO Mahesh Bhatt type cheapness in the movie so you can watch it comfortably. Guess what the movie’s dress designers had almost a no-show the heroine wears the same outfit thought the movie!!!! (you can read that line again if are in a state of disbelief) and Arjun Rampal is quite comfortable in his jeans-top outfit in every frame. Well it’s nothing more than a “time pass” don’t expect much from the movie and chances are you won’t be disappointed much.

P.S. in case you didn't notice this was not a movie review.

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Anonymous said...

No parv nobody saw you.........lol