Sunday, January 07, 2007

UPTU: Initial Impressions

I never thought of my school - CMS Gomtinagar (ICSC/ISC) highly until (I repeat) until I joined my college GALGOTIA’S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY it was but for the quality of the minds at the college which made me think like this. In my school kids were basically from pretty good families and wre quite intelligent that really made school filled with spectrum of children, there was variety --some were good in something others were good in something else and yes there good-for-nothing folks too which kept the environment very alive. Now I find my batch mates going places, people are in DU, IIT, NIT, Singapore, Oxford, NIFT, LAW colleges’ et al which really sums up the vibes at school.

You had every kind of person to interact with; the place did give you glimpses of human potential. Winners in different international and national competitions were almost keeping you on the edge. We had scientists, actors, debaters, dancers, singers, sportsmen all giving you a paranomic view of life. But life here in college is very different we have people which I find more or less photocopy of each other, just one mind repeated over and over again.

I can’t find dreamers here, people who THINK (thinking big and different is expecting a bit too much). People here definitely work very hard they sweat and toil but that spark of intelligence is missing. People have minds but that is all too mechanized the one I call "UP BOARD mind". I find myself knee-deep in the same shit, the devil is here in a different face they call it UPTU.

You need not be a rocket scientist to find the loop-holes in UPTU all you need to be is an outsider, the course, the syllabi, the exams all structured to feed a mediocre mind now don’t blame me if I face difficulties in coping this so-called “mediocre syllabi” . But look at UPTU books all designed to help you pass the semester examination, teachers all teaching for the same semester exam, all students studying only for the examination they might pass all their eight semesters with super marks but in the end do they really know their branch? Have they really studied from the books which introduce them to the topic and tell you about it and lead you through it?

Even my boards book were way too cool -they were bright and cheerful (read colorful and full of illustrations) we did study for boards only but the books made understanding a pleasant experience. I may be wrong but this is how I feel.


Maniac said...

Man I am from Galgotia too and I say Amen.

Parv Kaushik said...

@maniac hey ya cool to c u here which brnch? nd year?

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