Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Words to live by

The only thing that destroys your natural capacity of rejoicing is your desiring mind. The desiring mind makes you a beggar. Once all desires are dropped you are an emperor. Joy is the natural capacity of your being.

Just let there be no desire and see. When there is no desire there is no mind. When there is no desire there is no turmoil. When there is no desire there is no past no future. When there is no desire you are utterly contained here now and to be contained here now is joy.

And whenever such a man moves wherever he moves he brings his climate with him.


shantanu ranjan said...
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shantanu ranjan said...

How does one define the word desire? If we see the negative side it can be defined as something which ruins many lives as it gives rise to greed, hate, enemity but if we see the pure side of this word it has a whole new world to be seen.What gives a man the reason to live-its the desire to achieve something for himself or for the people whom he loves and cares for.desire gives meaning to our life, it's the desire for something that makes us fight the odds and come up stronger than before.If we have the desire for something we try to achieve it and when we succeed in our efforts then we get the joy, the happiness of life.
A world without desire is nothing.Without any desire for what will anyone live?In which direction will one go if he does not have the desire to lead the way?Desire shows the path to a great and happy life because there is no happiness greater than the happiness of achieveing what you desire.