Friday, February 16, 2007

Ajit Ninan

Ajit Ninan is but a God to me. Now, before to fire at me the all encompassing question of “Who’s he?” reach out for your TOI (Nobody reads HT!!!!! I know that) flip trough the pages till you find a small cartoon at one end in one of the middle pages it says “JUST LIKE THAT” what you’ll be seeing now is a sketch from one of the best cartoonists in the world.

Forget R.K.Laxman he’s too predictable now and his cartoon strip a little too less graphic. Laxman’s “Common Man” is too old to relate to for a country in which half of the population is termed young. (Officially 50% of country’s population is below 35.) Laxman is a habit you without a miss almost everyday go through his contribution and possibly smile a bit; it is in all probability a faint smile.

Now when go through Ajit Ninan’s contribution: its colorful, graphic and most importantly it’s PERFECT down to the smallest details. He’s a mastermind look at the way he sketches a car or a street or even a tank if you carefully observe (you can borrow my magnifying glasses if you need) every detail has been accounted for; every smallest bit of information has been taken care of. Everyday he delivers a work of a genius everyday I have something to marvel at something to awe at.

You can find more of him at Business Times page of TOI and of course at at the gallery section where they have section dedicated to his cartoons.

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