Friday, February 02, 2007

Smelly Issue

Finally my roomparter came up with a billion dollar idea of expelling our socks and located them on the fringes of our balcony. The great deal is that our stinky socks ( which we made sure gave the foulest smell in the whole hostel by not washing them for months at end) whose smell we were accustomed to way too much.

It was our visitors who frequently complained of the "strange odour" of the room . We had become too habituated to the lovely stink,so much so, that a breath of pure fresh air would have put our respiratory organs to burn.

It took us a very very long time (1 semester to be precise) to figure it out that our socks had been emitting obnoxious substances in the air of the room which we were taking in all day and after entering our brain which disturbed the brains equilibrium and in turn effected our concentration and hence the studies and hence the result........................

p.s. with socks out i will have to search now for new excuses. Any ideas?

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